KANSAI HELIOS has signed a share purchase agreement with GREBE Holding in Weilburg, Germany to acquire WEILBURGER Coatings. WEILBURGER Coatings is an industrial coatings producer and has group companies in Germany, Italy, France, Turkey, China, Brazil, India and the United States. According to KANSAI HELIOS, this consolidation will further strengthen KANSAI HELIOS’ market position in industrial coatings segments and expand its geographical footprint internationally.

“The acquisition of WEILBURGER Coatings brings with it extensive know-how, expanded production capacity and a team of experts, further strengthening our position as an industry leader,” said Bastian Krauss, executive vice president and executive director of KANSAI HELIO. “In addition, the integration gives us access to an expanded network of distribution channels and opens up new ways of reaching customers. This milestone underscores our commitment to delivering exceptional value to our stakeholders and marks a significant step forward on our path to sustainable growth and success.”