Wood Coatings

Durability Improvement Underlies Much Coating Innovation

The main objective of most coatings is to both protect and decorate. The balance that must be achieved between decoration and durability depends on application. Even so, the durability of paints and coatings continues to be a key performance characteristic....

Book Review—Wood Coatings: Chemistry and Practice

Wood Coatings: Chemistry and Practice is a comprehensive book on all aspects of wood coatings. It provides a holistic perspective that includes a brief history and development, basic market metrics, trends and needs (including social trends driving needs for coatings),...

Novel Oil Modified Urethane for Wood Flooring Applications

Vegetable oil modified urethane (OMU) has been widely used in wood flooring applications for many decades. Due to tightening volatile organic compound (VOC) regulations in recent years, the market has been slowly shifting towards waterborne systems. However, most of the...

Raw Materials

Turning Used Plastics into Bright White Paint?

White paint today is produced using titanium dioxide, a mineral mined from the ground. Producing the titanium nanoparticles in the form and purity needed for paint applications is energy intensive, leading to undesirably higher carbon footprints—and higher costs.

Liquid Color Measurement: A New Approach for Color Testing

Liquid Color Measurement: An Approach for Color Measurement of Liquid Paint and Pigment Preparations The liquid color measurement (LCM) system discussed here is based on a machine layout, where an opaque liquid (paint or pigment preparation) is put on a...

Pigment Binding of Alkyd Latex Polymers

EXPERIMENTAL Two alkyd latex polymers were used for the majority of this work. Polymer A was specifically designed for use in direct-to-metal primers. Development of this polymer and the associated paint formulations was described previously.10 The key performance attributes for...

Latest News

Axalta To Apply Its Antimicrobial Technology In Chicago Hospital For Coronavirus Patients

Axalta has announced that it will supply E&R Powder Coating with more than 7,000 pounds of its Alesta AM powder coatings for bed frames at a temporary hospital at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, which is being used for coronavirus patients.

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Clariant Starts Monthly production of Disinfectant in Gendorf

Clariant has started monthly production of 2 million liters of disinfectant at its facilities in Gendorf, Germany. This disinfectant is then directly or via repacking partners provided to regional hospitals and other vital institutions in Bavaria, who are currently facing limited availability of this critical product during the COVID-19 outbreak.

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