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Palmer Holland Remembers Matt Walker

Palmer Holland has announced the passing of Matt Walker, 37, on Tuesday, July 21, 2020. Walker was a ten-year veteran of the chemical industry. He joined Palmer Holland as an account manager in September 2015. His high-energy approach to the industry was driven by the determination to impact his customers' success. Walker found a unique way to create a bond with everyone with whom he came in contact. He had an intense passion for the art of sales, which earned him widespread respect as he quickly became a highly sought-after teacher. Before joining Palmer Holland, Walker worked for both ICM Products and KCC Silicone in the chemical sector and UniFirst Corporation and SMC Design Dynamics.

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PPG Receives IT Innovation Awards

PPG has earned the FutureEdge 50 award for its PPG ASSET INTEGRITY MANAGEMENT™ (AIM™) system, which was introduced in the United States and Canada last year. Created for PPG’s protective and marine coatings (PMC) business, the software-based program uses PPG-developed proprietary algorithms to help facility owners, managers, and engineers schedule, budget, and optimize corrosion protection of metal assets.

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