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History of Paint

Paint made its earliest appearance about 30,000 years ago. Paints and coatings have undergone a technology-driven evolution.

Types of Coatings

Coatings protect and beautify the surfaces to which they are applied, and primarily fall into three categories: Architectural, Industrial, and Special Purpose.

Economic Contributrions

The U.S. paint and coatings industry makes significant contributions to the U.S. economy and its employees.

Environmental Impact

The coatings industry actively addresses environmental improvements by managing and minimizing toxins and wastes, reducing air emissions, and promoting product and environmental stewardship.


Paints and coatings products are pervasive in our world, and indispensable for Sustainability.

Career Center

ACA’s Career Center is the coatings industry’s exclusive resource for online employment connections, providing access to employers and jobs in the industry.
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