About Coatings TraQr

TraQr™ (pronounced “tracker”) is an interactive, subscription-based dashboard and forecasting tool developed by The ChemQuest Group that combines input data relative to key coatings market consumption, macroeconomic indicators, and raw materials. Built on Microsoft’s Power BI platform — the industry leader for data analysis and visualization — TraQr™ is available by subscription and users have the ability to customize dashboards.

TraQr™ leverages Power BI’s “key influencers,” using machine learning and AI (artificial intelligence) algorithms to quickly analyze data and rank factors based on their level of impact. TraQr™’s capability to model and integrate combinations of factors that drive revenue and profit growth against an enterprise’s sales data to analyze its business-cycle phases make it the first tool of its kind for the specialty chemicals industry.

NOTE: New enhancements have been made to the TraQr™ tool based on subscriber feedback to augment their practical use of TraQr™ and what features they find most valuable. These updates provide a superior user experience for forecasting, customization, and tracking market dynamics.

Navigate the Tool

To learn more about TraQr™ and watch a demo video that highlights the tool’s interactive features, click the image to the left or the link below.

For More Information

For more information on TraQr™ and subscription details, contact ChemQuest Director Julie Vaughn Biege at jvaughnbiege@chemquest.com or Edye Fox Abrams, Vice President Business Development, at efabrams@chemquest.com to request a TraQr™ demo.