Government Affairs

ACA Submits Comments on Texas Proposal to Amend “Universal Waste” Regulations

In its comments, ACA expressed support for the proposed amendments, noting that it will provide clarity for industry on what products and materials fall under the new definition of the regulation. However, ACA sought to further erase any ambiguity with a more precise definition of “paint-related waste” and “paint-related material.”

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ACA Urges Washington Legislature to Amend Copper Antifouling Bill

ACA is asking that the Washington Department of Ecology take further investigative action by completing another study and convening a stakeholder advisory committee to review the state of science, fully understand potential alternatives, and examine environmental tradeoffs and any potential unintended impacts of a ban on the use of copper in antifouling paints for recreational vessels.

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New Jersey Legislature Passes PaintCare Bill, Awaiting Governor’s Signature

If the PaintCare bill passes and is enacted, New Jersey would join Oregon, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Minnesota, Maine, Colorado, Washington, New York and the District of Columbia, all of enacted legislation to implement the ACA- and industry-conceived platform for the proper and effective management of post-consumer paint.

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