Government Affairs

Canada Restores Use of OIT in Paint and Coatings Products


The Canadian Paint and Coatings Association (CPCA) announced that Canada’s Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) has restored the limited use of commonly used preservative OIT (octhilinone) in paint and coatings and related products sold in Canada. OIT is a critical ingredient used for the preservation of paint and stains.

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OSHA Issues FAQs on Reporting Work-Related Cases of the Coronavirus


OSHA recently published additional frequently asked questions and answers (FAQs) regarding the need to report employees’ in-patient hospitalizations and fatalities resulting from work-related cases of the coronavirus. In particular, the FAQs provide guidance on how to calculate reporting deadlines for in-patient hospitalizations and fatalities, and clarify the meaning of the term “incident” as it relates to work-related coronavirus in-patient hospitalizations and fatalities.

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