Government Affairs

EPA Releases Draft Risk Assessments for Several Antimicrobials

EPA recently published draft risk assessments for a class of antimicrobials called isothiazolinones. Regarding OIT (octhilinone), an isothiazolinone commonly used to preserve paints and coatings, EPA raises concerns for inhalation and dermal exposure for both occupational use (application of paint) and residential/consumer use (application of paint).

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Senate EPW Committee Advances Bipartisan Water Infrastructure Legislation

America’s Water Infrastructure Act of 2020 provides roughly $17 billion in new federal authorizations to invest in our infrastructure for projects across the country. It sets a two-year goal for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (Army Corps) to complete its feasibility studies for potential projects, consistent with the standard set by President Trump. The Drinking Water Infrastructure Act of 2020 reauthorizes Safe Drinking Water Act programs that support drinking water infrastructure and provide resources and technical assistance to communities facing critical drinking water needs. 

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ACA, Industry Coalition Seek Forbearance of TSCA Risk Evaluation User Fees

ACA and the other industry groups asked EPA to defer the TSCA user fee payments for 12 months beyond final publication of the scoping documents for risk evaluations. The coalition stated that would allow essential businesses to conserve critical operating capital while working together to overcome the virus and bring stability back to the economy.

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