Government Affairs

New Jersey Legislature Passes PaintCare Bill, Awaiting Governor’s Signature

If the PaintCare bill passes and is enacted, New Jersey would join Oregon, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Minnesota, Maine, Colorado, Washington, New York and the District of Columbia, all of enacted legislation to implement the ACA- and industry-conceived platform for the proper and effective management of post-consumer paint.

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USMCA: Coatings Industry Urges Swift Passage

The U.S. coatings manufacturing base exports a significant portion of its production to Mexico and Canada — approximately $1.85 billion in 2018, accounting for nearly two-thirds of the industry’s exports — and the United States benefits from a consistently strong trade surplus with both countries.

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EPA Proposes Additional Substantiation Questions for TSCA Inventory CBI Claims

EPA is proposing two additional questions addressing reverse engineering that companies would be required to answer to substantiate CBI claims for specific chemical identities; and is proposing procedures for companies to use in amending certain previously-submitted substantiations to include responses to the additional questions.

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