CT Archived Articles

Date Title Vol. Num. Authors
August 32013 The Emergence of Green Building Standards and Codes Vol. No. Tim Serie

October 2021 Improving Coating Performance with Biobased Epoxy Resins Derived from Distilled Tall Oil Vol. No. Wumin Yu

October 2021 A Biobased, Zero-VOC Coalescent for Architectural and Industrial Coatings Vol. No. Zuzanna Donnely

October 2021 Additives To Control the Rheology of Paints and coatings Vol. No. Leo Procopio

September 2021 The Utilization of Activated as an Antimicrobial Against Various  Pathogens for Biomedical Applications Vol. No. Chloe Klusman, Zoe Gunter, Dr. Heather Broadhead

September 2021 Novel Hydrolytically Stable Silane Additives for Improving the Performance of Waterborne Acrylic Roof Coatings Vol. No. Jacob D. Shevrin

September 2021 Low VOC Topcoats Using Ultra High Solids Resins Vol. No. Dr. Gautam Haldankar, Niel Pfendt

September 2021 New Waterborne Coatings Formulations With Liquid EPDM Dispersions Vol. No. Gregory J. Brust, John D. Jacquin

August 2021 The State of the U.S. Coatings Industry 2021: Resurgent Growth Meets Shortages, Allocations, and Late Deliveries Vol. No. George R. Pilcher

July 2021 Non-Isocyanate Coatings with Fast Return to Service and Excellent Appearance for Industrial Flooring Application Vol. No. Ulises Brauer, Phillip Tome, Gautam Haldankar

July 2021 Waterborne Industrial Coatings: Evolving Perceptions and Technologies Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

June 2021 Achieving Class A appearance over fiber-reinforced substrates can be challenging. Learn about solutions and the evolving measurements used to characterize topcoated surface appearance. Vol. No. D.H. Campbell, G. Singh, Prasanna Kondapalli, Cindy Peters, Jacob Dumbleton

June 2021 New Advances in Powder Coating Technology Vol. No. Kevin Biller

May 2021 Sustainability in the Paints and Coatings Industry – Far More than just a ‘Good Idea’ Vol. No. George R. Pilcher

May 2021  Life-Cycle Assessment of Architectural Coatings: A World Without Preservatives Vol. No. American Coatings Association Life Cycle Assessment Drafting Team

March 2021 Carbon Nanotube-based Black Coatings for Optical and Infrared Applications Vol. No. D. Carnahan , T. Morgan

March 2021 New Additive to Eliminate Pinholes for Water-based Coating Formulations Vol. No. Jim Reader, Jos vanOosterwijk, Caixuan Xu, Ye Dai, Ruediger Mertsch, Shauna McAuliffe, Jianchang Tang

February 2021 Silane-Modified Silicas as Functional Matting Agents Vol. No. Daniel Clingerman

February 2021 Surface Tension Studies in Colloidal Unimolecular Polymers Vol. No. Ashish Zore , Michael Van De Mark

January 2021 Virtual Voice of the Customer – How to Understand B2B Customer Needs Without the Plane Ride Vol. No. Don Adams

January 2021 Operability Limits for Non-Newtonian Liquids in Dual-Layer Slot Coating Processes Using the Viscocapillary Model Vol. No. Jjn Seok Park, Taehyung Yoo, Byoungjin Chun, Kwan-Young Lee, Hyun Wook Jung

January 2021 Sources in the Paint and Coatings Industry Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

November 2020 Advances in Paint and Coating Manufacturing Equipment Emphasize Increased Efficiency, Productivity, Agility, and Flexibility While Maintaining Quality and Safety Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

November 2020 Paint and Coatings Technologies to Watch for in 2021 Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

October 2020 Coating Mechanics to Defend Against the Environmental Elements Vol. No. Nicholas Foley, Xin Li, Jack Johnson

September 2020 Formulating High-Performance Waterborne Acrylic Direct-to-Metal Coatings Under 25 g/L VOC Vol. No. Kathleen Auld, Matthew Padaon, Leo Procopio

August 2020 Anti-Scratch Additive for Water-Based Wood Coatings Vol. No. Michelle Bauer, Tanya Hunter, Yvette Gomez

August 2020 Accelerated Corrosion Testing Bisphenol-A Non-Intent Metal Packaging Resin Vol. No. Goliath Beniah, Linqian Feng, Jeffrey Clauson, Abraham Boateng, Hongkun He, Cameron L. Brown, Andrew T. Detwiler

July 2020 Analytical Series – Particle Size Distribution, Measurement, and Assessment – Principles, Features, Limitations, and Benefits Vol. No. Theodore Provder

July 2020 Industry Advancements in Exterior Durability of Coatings Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

July 2020 Innovative Self-Initiating UV-Curable Polyurethane Dispersions Vol. No. Laurie Morris, Terri Carson

July 2020 Functional Powder Coatings Via Isocyanate-Cured Phenolics Vol. No. Weih Lee, Robert Polance, Hart Haugen

June 2020 Towards a Comprehensive Understanding of Dirt Pickup Resistance Vol. No. Scott C. Brown, Michael Diebold, Daniel Kraiter, Carlos Velez, Peter Jernakoff

June 2020 The Use of Engineered Silica to Enhance Coatings Vol. No. C. Jim Reader , Maria Nargiello

June 2020 Morphological Changes in Exterior Exposure to Cyclic and Ultraviolet Surface Coatings After Water Submersion Exposure Vol. No. Armin Burghart, Sridhar G. Iyer, William J. Rosano

May 2020 Challenging Preservation Options: Towards Biocide-free Waterborne Coatings via Innovative Binders and Additives Vol. No. Jessica Levin, Wenqin Wang, Stan Brownell, Tara Conley, Erica Frankel, John Rabasco, Deb Graves, Adrian Ward

May 2020 Engineered  Polysaccharides: A Novel Biomaterial Additive with Multifunctional Properties Vol. No. Stephen Raper, Sara Harris, Doug Corrigan, Kyle Kim, Christian Lenges

May 2020 Novel Cashew Nutshell Liquid-based Waterborne Curing Agents Designed for High-Performance and Low-VOC Protective Epoxy Coatings Vol. No. Hong Xu, Joe Mauck, Fernanda Tavares, Anbu Natesh, Jing Li

April 2020 Low-Emissivity Topcoats for the Reduction of Thermal Infrared Emissions From Military Platforms Vol. No. Lance C. Kelly

March 2020 New Product Blueprinting – How to Avoid Commercial Risk in New Product Development Vol. No. Don Adams

March 2020 Fine-Tuning Coating Surface Control Through the Use of Modified Siloxanes Vol. No. Ingrid K. Meier,, Fadia Namous, K. Michael Peck, Roger Reinartz

February 2020 Asia Pacifc Coatings Region – Poised for Continued Growth through 2024 Vol. No. George R. Pilcher

February 2020 Liquid Color Measurement: A New Approach for Color Testing Vol. No. Ralph Jan Wörheide

January 2020 Analytical Series Principles of Accelerated Weathering – Evaluations of Coatings Vol. No. Mark Nichols

January 2020 Coating Solutions Enabling Advanced Automotive Technologies Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

January 2020 Silyl-Containing Polyurethanes that Selectively Disassemble with Fluoride Salts Vol. No. Erick B. Iezzi, Eugene Camerino, Grant C. Daniels, James H. Wynne

November 2019 Supplier Perspective on Key Trends in the Paint and Coatings Industry Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

October 2019 Factors Affecting Sealer Performance on Concrete Vol. No. C. Jim Reader, Gary Johnson

October 2019 Improving the Adhesion 2K Michael Robustness of Additional Coating Systems Vol. No. B.Noordover, N. Looij, J. Kalis, R. Koeken, F. Van Wijk, E. De Wolf, M. Gessner, E. McCracken, B. DeGooyer, R. Brinkhuis, Y. Zhang, T. Buser, F. Lunzer

September 2019 Leveraging Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning in the Coatings Industry Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

September 2019 Effect of Wall Brightness on Room Illumination Vol. No. S. De Backer, M.P. Diebold, M.P. Milone

August 2019 Entering the Second Decade of the 21st Century – The State of the U.S. Paint and Coatings Industry Vol. No. George R. Pilcher

August 2019 Sustainability, Durability, and Ease of Use Drive Exterior Wood Coating Developments Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

July 2019 Powder Coatings  by  Design: A Major Appliances OEM Design (and Materials Engineering) Perspective Vol. No. Aggie Lotz

July 2019 Versatile Pelletized Aluminum for Powder Coatings Vol. No. Jonathan Doll, Michael Venturini, Anthony Rohrer

June 2019 From Fundamentals to Applications: Understanding BPA-Non-Intent Resin Technology in Food Contact Metal Packaging Coatings Vol. No. Linqian Feng, Andrew Detwiler, Jeffrey Clauson, Abraham Boateng, Hongkun He, Goliath Beniah, Thilanga Liyana Arachchi, H. Chip Williams

June 2019 Polysilazanes — Binders That Make a Difference Vol. No. Yang Wang, Ralf Grottenmuller, Theresa Lorenz

May 2019 Cationic Stain Blocking Primer Technology Vol. No. Greg Monaghan, Alex Pinnix

April 2019 Academic Research – Fundamental to Advancing Sustainable Coating Technologies Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

April 2019 Crosslinking Waterborne Coatings With Bipodal Silanes for Improved Corrosion Vol. No. Jacob D. Shevrin, Sheba D. Bergman

March 2019 Novel Metal-Free Catalysts for Epoxy Carboxy Coatings Vol. No. Ravi Ravichandran, Michael Emmet, Matthew Gadman, John Florio, Steven Woltornist

March 2019 Polyamine Curing Agents Industry Need for Meeting the Enhanced Productivity Vol. No. Michael Cook, Sudhir Ananthachar, Shiying Zheng

February 2019 1K Pur dispersions to 2K Waterborne dispersions Vol. No. Makoto Nakao

February 2019 New Urethane Diol Resin Modifiers for Improved Performance of Aminoplast Crosslinked Coatings Vol. No. Matthew Gadman, John Florio, Ravi Ravichandran, Steven Woltornist

February 2019 The National Coil Coating Association’s Color Experiment: Potential for Converting to CIE Color Space and ΔE2000 Vol. No. David A. Cocuzzi, Kristine Rosek Bertucci

January 2019 Analytical Series Confocal Microscopy Techniques for Coatings Research – Surface and Depth Characterization of Latex Paint Films Vol. No. David A. Cocuzzi, Kristine Rosek Bertucci

January 2019 The National Coil Coating Associations Color Experiment – Potential for Converting to CIE Color Space Vol. No. David A. Cocuzzi, Kristine Rosek Bertucci

January 2019 Hollow Thermoplastic Microspheres in Elastomeric Cool Roof Vol. No. Jan Nordin, Olof Sandin, Peter Greenwood

November 2018 Innovation, Flexibility, and Collaboration – Key to Industry Success Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

November 2018 2018 ACA Economic Climate Survey Vol. No. Allen Irish

October 2018 Getting Out of The Lab — Advantage of Evaluating Coatings in A Real-World Manufacturing Environment Vol. No. Dr. Douglas Corrigan

October 2018 Sustainable, Low-Emissions, High-Performance Polyols for Wood Floor Coatings Vol. No. Gary E. Spilman, Scott Moore, Simone J. Marshall

September 2018 Bio-Based Antimicrobial Food Packaging Vol. No. Brittney M. McInnis, Tyler W. Hodges, Lisa K. Kemp, Jonathan D. Hurt, Steve McDaniel, Aayushma Kunwar

September 2018 Highly Versatile Aluminum Flake for Water, Solvent and Ultra-Low VOC Coatings and Inks Vol. No. Dieter Groβschartner , Ingo Giesinger, Jonathan Doll, Jason Eyink

August 2018 Improving the Performance and Application of High Solids Protective Coatings Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

August 2018 Developing and Evaluating Early Rain Resistance in Exterior Architectural Coatings Vol. No. Shelby Kellogg

August 2018 Early Rain Resistance and Surfactant Leaching Resistant Binder Vol. No. R. Matranga, B. Doran, A. Fream, C. Baude, E. Bousseau, M. Secher

August 2018  Life-Cycle Assessment of Architectural Coatings: Considering Different Preservative Scenarios Vol. No. TIM WIERONIEY

July 2018 Improved Durability Through Reactive Dispersant Technology Vol. No. Steffen Onclin, Huiguang Kou, Frank Pirrung, Rainer Diehl, Elena Martinez, Clemens Auschra, Andrew Recker , Anthony Moy

July 2018 New Water-Based Binder for Durable Thin Film Intumescent Coatings Vol. No. A. Fream, C. Baude, M. Secher

July 2018 Contact-based Nondestructive Testing (NDT) at Height with Aerial Robotics (Drone) Vol. No. Bob Dahlstrom, Jamie Branch

June 2018 Unique Waterborne Alternatives to Traditional Solvent-based Coatings for Industrial Wood Applications Vol. No. Laurie Morris

June 2018 Developing and Evaluating Early Rain Resistance in Exterior Architectural Coatings Vol. No. Shelby Kellogg

June 2018 Novel Oil Modified Urethane for Wood Flooring Applications Vol. No. Yuting Li, Shi Yang, Scott Cooley

May 2018 Balancing Performance of Slip/Mar Additives Using a High Throughput Approach Vol. No. Mark Langille, Aslin Izmitli, Tian Lan, Akanksha Agrawal, Chun Liu, Kevin Henderson, Yujie Lu

May 2018 Enzymatic Polymerization for Engineered Polysaccharides in Coatings Vol. No. Monica Harvey, Natnael Behabtu, Christian Lenges, Richard Milic, Jarmila Vlasakova

April 2018 Proteins and Peptides as Replacements for Traditional Organic Preservatives: Part I* Vol. No. Tyler W. Hodges, Lisa K. Kemp, Brittney M. McInnis, Kyle L. Wilhelm, Jonathan D. Hurt, Steve McDaniel, James W. Rawlins

April 2018 Novel CNSL-based Waterborne Zn-rich Primer Systems for Protective Coatings Vol. No. Hong Xu, Fernanda Tavares, Anbu Natesh, Jing Li

March 2018 The Paint and Coatings Industry in the Age of Digitalization Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

March 2018 Use of Copper-Based Antifouling Paint – A U.S. Regulatory Update Vol. No. Neal Blossom, Frank Szafranski, AkzoNobel Yacht, Aggie Lotz

February 2018 How to Handle Hard-to-Change Factors or Components in a Designed Experiment Vol. No. Mark J. Anderson

February 2018 Novel Acrylic Polymer for Architectural Exterior Vol. No. Kaliappa Ragunathan, Punit Thakkar

November 2017 2017 ACA Economic Climate Survey Vol. No. Allen Irish

October 2017 High Performance Coating Materials from Recycled Sources Vol. No. Gary E. Spilman, Mike Christy, Brian Comstock-Reid

October 2017 Resin Technologies for Industrial Maintenance Coatings Performance and Sustainability Drive Development Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

September 2017 Analytical Series – A Focus on Analytical Pyrolysis Vol. No. Adrienne Hoeglund, Ben Paulson, Courtney Gipson

September 2017 Update – Freight Rail and the Demand for Rail Rolling Stock Coatings Vol. No. Aggie Lotz

August 2017 Isocyanate-Free Michael Addition Cured Aliphatic Topcoats Vol. No. M. Gessner, A. Nanda, R. Subramanian, D. Sauer, W. DeGooyer, E. McCracken, L. Lindsey,, F.G.H. van Wijk

August 2017 Isocyanate-Free Polyurethane Technology for Approaches to Reducing VOC Vol. No. Jeffrey Wexler, Rebecca Ortiz, Nahrain Kamber, Nicholas Leonard, Yanxiang Li, Paul Popa

August 2017 Novel Isocyanate-Free Moisture-Curable Polymers for Single-Component Polysiloxane Topcoats Vol. No. Erick Iezzi, Ph.D.

July 2017 Analytical Series – Rheological and Thermal Characterization of Polymer Coatings – A Case Study Vol. No. Or. Menas S. Vratsanos

June 2017 A Two-Pack Waterborne Polyurethane Topcoat for Military Aircraft Vol. No. Christopher J. Lyons

June 2017 Preparing for Chance – The Coatings Industry’s Path to Innovation That Wins Vol. No. Sarah T. Eckersley

May 2017 Rheology Modifiers for Improved Applied Hide and Smooth Finish in Low-VOC Emulsion Paints Vol. No. Anne Koller, Pol Storme

May 2017 Smart Coatings – Reaching the Big Time with Many More Opportunities Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

April 2017 Driving Performance via Permanent Coalescent Choice in Low-VOC Architectural Paints Vol. No. Kyle Flack, Nicholas Foley, Tyrone Vaughn, Lisa Kicklighter, John Mangano

March 2017 Exterior Durability in All-Acrylic Architectural Gloss Coatings: Gloss Retention and Dirt-Pickup Resistance Vol. No. Robert W. Sandoval, Tyler J. Bell, Mary Jane Hibben, Mike Wildman

February 2017 Isocyanate-Free Polyurethane Technology for Automotive Refinish Applications Vol. No. Nahrain Kamber, John Argyropoulos, Paul Popa, Brian Wood, Yanxiang Li, Rebecca Ortiz, David Pierce,

February 2017 Radiation Cured Coatings UV Today LED Tomorrow Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

January 2017 A Brief History of Automotive Coatings Technology Vol. No. Douglas M. Lamb

January 2017 A New Self-Crosslinking Acrylic Latex Garage Floor and Masonary Application Vol. No. Regina Matranga, Barry Goldslager, Bill Brown, Katie Lawhorn

January 2017 Interest in Biobased Raw Materials Alive and Well Despite Lower Petchem Prices Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

January 2017 Mergers and Acquisitions – A Primer for Those Who Implement M&A Decisions But Do Not Make Them Vol. No. George R. Pilcher

December 2016 ACA Economic Climate Survey Suggests Continued Growth, Along with Caution Signs Vol. No. Allen Irish

October 2016 Formulating to Minimize Film Defects in 100 g/L VOC Solventborne 2K Polyurethane Coatings Vol. No. Clifford Seipke, Yasmin Akoum, Kristen Bruley, Aaron Cherep, Sarah Dolan, Donald Handlen

September 2016 Evaluation of Glass Bubbles for Solar Heat Reflection in Waterborne Acrylic Elastometric Roof Coatings Vol. No. Kevin Rink , Andrea Charif Rodriguez

September 2016 High Performance Polymers Derived from Biobased Resources Vol. No. Jeffrey Danneman, Jennifer Chu

August 2016 Improved Corrosion Protection Due to Organic Corrosion Inhibitors in Waterborne Paint Coatings Vol. No. DR. B.D.B. TIU, DR. S.B. TIU, J.R. WANG, PROF. R.C. ADVINCULA, Dr. S. Grubjesic, Dr. A.F. Toussaint, N. Kofira, Dr. T. Gichuhi

August 2016 New Acrylic Polymers for High Performance Interior Wall Paints Vol. No. Wenjun Wu, Michael Kaufman, Jeffrey Schneider, Ronald Grieb

July 2016 Environmentally Friendly Coating Technology For Autonomous Corrosion Control Vol. No. Luz M. Calle, Benjamin P. Pearman, Xuejun Zhang, Wenyan Li, Jerry W. Buhrow, Marissa N. Johnsey, Scott T. Jolley, Lilliana Fitzpatrick, Mathew Gillis, Michael Blanton, Joshua S. Hanna, James W. Rawlins

July 2016 Modeling of Total Solar Reflectance as a Formulation tool Vol. No. Wally Kesler

July 2016 Fostering Innovation Through Stem Support Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

June 2016 A New Soybean Oil-based Reactive Diluent for Low-VOC Solventborne Wood Stains Vol. No. Wumin Yu , Zhigang Chen

June 2016 Near-Zero VOC Waterborne Alkyd Dispersions with Solventborne Alkyd Performance Vol. No. Erin Vogel, Marty Beebe, Bob Bills, Christina Ellison, Sue Machelski, Jamie Sullivan, Jay Romick, Vennesa Williams

May 2016 Understanding Consumer Preferences for Architectural Paints using Application Reader Technology (ART) Device Vol. No. K. Abraham Vaynberg, Tom Bidwell, Griffin Gappert, Kent Maghacut, Joseph Ambrosi, Matt Lano

April 2016 Automotive Coating Application Defects Vol. No. Clifford K. Schoff

March 2016 Pigment Binding of Alkyd Latex Polymers Vol. No. Jeffrey H. Danneman

March 2016 Covering the Spread: PVA Innovations Hit Low-VOC Sweet Spot for Contractors Vol. No. Tara Lyn Conley, John Rabasco, Linda Adamson

February 2016 Inherent Matte Polyurethane Dispersions as Matting Agents Vol. No. Dr. Terri Carson, Dr. Mario Schoondermark, Markus Dimmers, David Folkman

February 2016 Automotive Coatings – Creating Excitement with Effect Pigments Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

February 2016 Non-Tin Catalysts Vol. No. John Florio, Ravi Ravichandran

January 2016 Formulator’s Corner Formulating with Pigments – Part 2 Vol. No. Charles Lubbers , Garrett Gebhardt

January 2016 ACA Economic Climate Survey Vol. No. Allen Irish

January 2016 Coatings for Corrosion Prevention Food Processing Facilities Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

January 2016 Key Developments in the U.S. Architectural Coatings Market Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

November 2015 Important Market Trends Impact the Industry in 2016 Trends Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

September 2015 Pushing the Limits on VOCS: High Performance Waterborne Acrylic Direct-To-Metal Coatings Below 50 g/L Vol. No. Laura Vielhauer, Leo Procopio, Mary Kate McCrea, Bridget Dombroski

August 2015 Creating a Marketing-Technology Complex: Strategizing for the future Vol. No. George R. Pilcher

July 2015 Electromechanical Investigations in the Development of High Performance Coatings Vol. No. Victoria J. Gelling, Akash Saraf, Niteen Jadhav

July 2015 Formulator’s Corner Technologies for Improving the Durability and Impact Resistance of Coatings Vol. No. Jeremy Pasatta

June 2015 Creating Multifunctional Coatings Using Recycled Raw Material Streams Vol. No. Gary E. Spilman, Adam W. Emerson, Matthew Beatty, Matthew Brown, Michael Christy, Jack Kovsky, Kevin Rogers, Eric Vrabel, Rick Tabor

June 2015 An Introduction to Coatings Sustainability Vol. No. Clifford K. Schoff

June 2015 Transforming Concrete with Creativity and Staining Technology Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

May 2015 High Performance Energy-Curable Coatings Vol. No. Dr. Philippe De Groote, Steven Cappelle, Michel Tielemans, Johnny Zhang, Adon Chen

May 2015 Isocyanate-Free Urethane Coating for Industrial Metal Applications Vol. No. Paul Popa, John Argyropoulos, Yanxiang Li, Nahrain Kamber, Jeff Anderson

May 2015 To Stick or Not to Stick – Guide to Adhesion Measurement for the Layman Vol. No. Dr. Robert H. Lacombe

April 2015 Novel Acrylic Epoxy Hybrid System Design for Metal Protection Application Vol. No. Zhigang Hua, Hunter Shu, Allen Xu, Barry Zheng, Aaron Yang, Zhenwen Fu, Andrew Hejl, Henry Eichman, Kiran Baikerikar

April 2015 20-Year Color Lifetimes for Architectural Restoration Coatings: Theory and Reality Vol. No. Kurt Wood

March 2015 Improving Corrosion Resistance of Powder Coating Systems for ACE Applications Vol. No. Roberto Cavalieri, Alessandro Minesso, Robertino Chinellato, Stefan Smeets,

March 2015 Do Proposed Changes in U.S. and Cuba Trade Policies Signal Opportunities for the Coatings Industry Vol. No. Allen Irish

February 2015 Forgotten Formulation Attributes to Defoaming Test Methods Vol. No. David E. Przybyla, John Mangano, Wolfgang Peter, Frank Pirrung

February 2015 Dispersion Phase Diagrams for HEUR-Thickened Acrylic Paint Systems Vol. No. Tyler J. Bell, Raymond H. Fernando, Jason Ness, Carrie Street, Karl Booth, Stephen Korenkiewicz

January 2015 Biobased Waterborne Floor Coatings with Enhanced Flow and Appearance Vol. No. Stephen Hellems, John Willhite, Ramesh Subramanian

November 2014 The Global Coatings Industry – On the Way to Recovery Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

October 2014 Deck Restoration Coatings Vol. No. Tom Tepe

October 2014 Cost Savings, Increased Sustainability, and Improved Performance Drive Demand for Energy-Efficient Coatings Vol. No. Cynthia Challener

September 2014 The World of Surface Coatings is Centered Around the Glass Transition Temperature, But Which One? Part 2 Vol. No. Greg Curtzwiler, Mark Early, Diana Gottschalk, Christina Konecki, Robert Peterson, Steven Wand, James W. Rawlins