Analytical Series: From the Archives

Many paint technologists are experts in aspects of chemistry and material science but are only vaguely familiar with the tools offered by analytical chemistry. To enhance this knowledge, CoatingsTech has published the Analytical Series, a series of tutorials on these techniques. This series, which began in 2004, includes 38 published articles as of 2021 and continues to expand. The complete collection of Analytical Series articles can be found on this page.


This collection of articles explores types of chromatography that are crucial in the development and evaluation of coatings.


There are a number of modern microscopic techniques that can be used in the paint and coating industry to determine the product quality and application performance. This collection of articles explores the benefits of these techniques alongside complementary technologies used to study coating systems.


Rheological measurements have become essential tools for characterizing component materials and final products, monitoring process conditions, as well as predicting product performance. This collection of articles examines rheological techniques found in coatings operations.


A coating’s ability to maintain performance for an extended period in its intended service environment is one of its most important attributes. This group of articles examines methods used to assess coatings’ real-world performance.