ACA Committees & Councils

ACA’s committees and councils— classified as issue management and industry sector — offer members a seat at the proverbial table, allowing members to shape the direction and decisions that often determine industry stances before regulators and policymakers. ACA is both recognized and respected in the United States and internationally as the preeminent industry organization, and being part of that body strengthens industry’s voice and stature.

Members of ACA’s committees and councils meet on an as-needed basis in person, or via teleconference, to address the facts and challenges related the industry. Depending on the committee or council, members collaborate and share their views to prepare comments, develop research or other programs, propose policy, and host conference or seminars that benefit the entire industry. Members are kept abreast of new developments or solicited for their input via ACA staff liaisons, facilitating communication and execution of their committee/work-group activities and products. Meeting minutes, agendas, and relevant links and documents are hosted on these dedicated committee pages, only accessible to ACA members.

The following are fixtures of the association’s standing committees and councils. ACA has many workgroups that are convened to address industry projects as they arise.

AIM VOC Committee
Architectural Coatings Council
Automotive Refinish Committee
Chemical Security Committee
Consumer Products Committee
Environmental Management Committee
Industrial Coatings Council
Industry Suppliers Committee
Legal and Government Affairs Committee
Marine Coatings Council
Occupational Safety & Health Committee
Powder Coatings Committee 
Product Stewardship Committee
Science & Technology Committee
Society Liaison Committee
Sustainability Committee
Transport Committee

[The American Coatings Association, in the course of its committee meetings, often presents speakers who are chosen for their expertise and insights into important business, policy, and economic issues facing the country and the industry. Committee members and other meeting participants are reminded that the views expressed, or the observations or recommendations offered during the course of meeting, are solely those of the speakers, or of the organizations they represent, and do not necessarily represent the positions of the ACA, its Board of Directors, or its members.]

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