Global Market Analyses for the Paint & Coatings Industry (2019 – 2024)

Global Market Analysis for the Paint & Coatings Industry (2019 – 2024)

The Global Market Analysis for the Paint & Coatings Industry (2018-2023) provides a comprehensive view of the global paint and coatings industry, addressing topics of relevance to coatings manufacturers, end users, raw materials suppliers, and others interested in the industry.

This report covers three primary categories of coatings: Decorative, Original Equipment Manufacturers and Special Purpose, as well as the many sub-segments within those categories. Chapters focus on sector analysis, market trends and drivers, and competitive landscape.

Your Guide to the Global Coatings Industry

Study Highlights
  • Profiles the major types of paint and coatings by region and end market;
  • Provides extensive coverage of addressed markets, including a sector analysis and market dynamics: end-use markets, economic and technology influences, and key buying factors;
  • Presents qualitative and quantitative data presented in easy-to-process PowerPoint style, with dynamic chart design;
  • Offers market forecasts through 2024, in both volume and value;
  • Illustration of relationship between customer production and paint usage; and
  • Chapters focus on sector analysis, market trends and drivers, and competitive landscape
Table of Contents

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Executive Summary
Raw Material Feedstocks: Dynamics & Trends
Global Mergers & Acquisitions (2017-2019)
Architectural Coatings
Automotive OEM Coatings
Other Transportation Coatings
Wood Finishes
Powder Coatings
Coil Coatings
Packaging Finishes
General Industrial Finishes
Automotive Refinish Paint
Protective Coatings
Marine Coatings

Regional Summaries
North America
Asia Pacific
Latin America
Middle East and Africa

Sample Chapter: Automotive OEM

Click here to view a SAMPLE chapter: U.S. & Global Automotive OEM

Prepared by the ChemQuest Group

The ChemQuest Group Inc. is a leading international business strategy firm in specialty chemicals,  widely recognized among raw material suppliers, formulators and financial investors for its experience and expertise. ChemQuest’s four service pillars include Business Strategy; Mergers, Acquisitions or Divestitures; Commercial & Operational Efficiencies; as well as Technology Planning & Development through the ChemQuest Technology Institute. ChemQuest services extend across 12 formulated product categories and over 10 end-use markets within the specialty chemicals value chain.

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