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HORN to Partner with Borregaard

April 10, 2018 Business News
“Borregaard breaks through the norm with Exilva by offering a new, sustainable material that not only complements ‘green’ trends and water-based products, but delivers unique performance for new product lines.”

Frank C. Sullivan Receives ACA’s George Baugh Heckel Award

April 9, 2018 Press Releases
Frank C. Sullivan, chairman and CEO of RPM International Inc., received the George Baugh Heckel Award — the association’s highest honor — in recognition of his leadership efforts on behalf of the association and the industry.

Seven Individuals Honored with ACA Industry Statesman Award

April 9, 2018 Press Releases
The Industry Statesman Award is an honor given to individuals at or near retirement, in recognition and appreciation of their long and devoted service to the paint and coatings industry.

Axalta Announces New Names for the Spencer Coatings Group

April 9, 2018 Business News
Axalta has announced the new legal entity names for Spencer Coatings after its acquisition by Axalta in May 2017.

State-level Unemployment Data Provides Additional Insight into Local Market Conditions

April 8, 2018 Industry News
Bureau of Labor Statistics data suggests that the labor markets vary considerably across the county, with higher than average unemployment in the Midwest and southwest, while low unemployment is seen in upper New England, the portions of the Mountain West, and the great plains.

Brenntag North America to Partner with StanChem Polymers

April 5, 2018 Business News
Brenntagg will distribute StanChem Polymers’ emulsion polymers for adhesive, coating, elastomer, and sealant applications.

Grace Acquires Albemarle Polyolefin Catalysts Business

April 5, 2018 Business News
The acquired business primarily develops and manufactures proprietary and custom-manufactured single-site catalysts as well as metallocenes and activators used in the production of plastic resins.

AkzoNobel to Sell Specialty Chemicals to The Carlyle Group and GIC

April 5, 2018 Business News
This transaction reportedly creates two focused and high performing businesses — Paints and Coatings, and Specialty Chemicals — as part of its strategy announced in April 2017.

World Manufacturing Output Doubles Since 2004

March 27, 2018 Industry News
World manufacturing output has exceeded $100 trillion since 2012, and stood at nearly $105 trillion in 2015, which is nearly double the output in 2004 ($55 trillion). However, for major manufacturing nations — including the United States, China, and Germany — manufacturing output, while generally growing, has generally declined or remained flat, as a percentage of national GDP during this period.

AkzoNobel Forms Partnerships to Explore Opportunities for Green Hydrogen and ‘Electrofuels’

March 26, 2018 Business News
Earlier this year AkzoNobel Specialty Chemicals and Dutch gas network operator Gasunie joined forces to investigate the possible large-scale conversion of sustainable electricity into green hydrogen via the electrolysis of water.