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Chinese Government Regulations Driving Adoption of Low-VOC Coatings

Concerns over pollution in China have been increasing over the past decade. Significant attention to the problem was raised during the 2008 summer Olympics, which were held in the country. In response, the Chinese government in recent years has passed legislation mandating the reduction of volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions from manufacturing plants, including those […]

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Bio-Based Antimicrobial Food Packaging Coatings

By Brittney M. McInnis, Tyler W. Hodges,* Lisa K. Kemp, Jonathan D. Hurt, and Steve McDaniel, Reactive Surfaces and Aayushma Kunwar,**  William Carey University The antimicrobial properties of two disparate bio-based coating additives were evaluated in a polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) food packaging coating for antimicrobial activity. Chitosan, a shrimp and crustacean shell derived polysaccharide, and […]

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