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House Introduces IMAGINE Act of 2020 for Rebuilding American Infrastructure

ACA supports this bipartisan legislation and is encouraging Congress to support the Innovative Materials for America’s Growth and Infrastructure Newly Expanded (IMAGINE) Act, to encourage research and deployment of innovative construction materials in transportation and water infrastructure projects nationwide.

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ACA’s 2020 Company Performance Survey is Open, Participate Today!

Participants in the 2020 Company Performance Survey will receive an Individual Company Performance Report that displays their company’s operating results alongside the industry comparatives for paint and coating firms similar to theirs. This allows companies to benchmark performance relative to industry peers, overall, by sales volume size, by industry specialty, and by other criteria. 

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EPA Releases Draft Risk Assessments for Several Antimicrobials

EPA recently published draft risk assessments for a class of antimicrobials called isothiazolinones. Regarding OIT (octhilinone), an isothiazolinone commonly used to preserve paints and coatings, EPA raises concerns for inhalation and dermal exposure for both occupational use (application of paint) and residential/consumer use (application of paint).

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