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BÜFA Acquires AOC (UK) Ltd.

According to BÜFA Composite Systems, the purchase of AOC (UK) Ltd. not only expands its presence in the English market, but also consolidates its leading position as a specialty manufacturer for the composites market in Europe.

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Oxea Integrates into Newly Formed Energy Company

To help with the transformation, OQ has launched an integration program to form one company from nine core assets: Orpic, Oman Oil Company, Oman Oil Company Exploration and Production, Oman Gas Company, Duqm Refinery, Salalah Methanol Company, Oman Trading International, Oxea, and Salalah Liquified Petroleum Gas.

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New Jersey Legislature Passes PaintCare Bill, Awaiting Governor’s Signature

If the PaintCare bill passes and is enacted, New Jersey would join Oregon, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Minnesota, Maine, Colorado, Washington, New York and the District of Columbia, all of enacted legislation to implement the ACA- and industry-conceived platform for the proper and effective management of post-consumer paint.

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