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CARB Adopts 2019 AIM Suggested Control Measure

June 4, 2019 Government Affairs
The SCM is important since the various California Air Districts will use the new SCM to develop their future AIM rule revisions. In addition, the Northeast Ozone Transport Commission (OTC) states will likely also utilize the SCM in the development of lower AIM VOC limits in the Northeast states in the future (OTC Phase III).

DHS to Roll Out CFATS Personnel Surety Program Implementation

June 4, 2019 Government Affairs
The CFATS Personnel Surety Program implementation at all high-risk chemical facilities will be rolled out in a phased manner in order for DHS to assist facilities submitting information.

Industrial Accident in China Impacts Coatings Supply Chains

June 4, 2019 Industry News
This incident has highlighted the complexity of the chemical supply chain and the importance to manufacturers of non-U.S. suppliers in many cases. Pigments, in particular, have seen extensive outsourcing of production to foreign suppliers. 

BASF Makes Changes to Supply of Attapulgite-Based Additives

June 3, 2019 Business News
This initiative is aligned with the increasing demand of attapulgite in BASF’s major markets around the world.

Dow Selects Univar Solutions to Distribute Polyurethanes in North America

June 3, 2019 Business News
Dow has selected Univar Solutions as a key North American channel to market, distributing Dow’s product portfolio of polyols and isocyanates.

AGM Signs Distribution Agreement with Carst & Walker

June 3, 2019 Business News
Under the agreement, AGM and C&W will collaborate on opportunities in the South African market and introduce AGM’s proprietary Genable® product into the South African coatings market.

Nouryon Announces New Structure for Growth Strategy

June 3, 2019 Business News
The new model, which will take effect Jan. 1, 2020, is organized around three market-focused businesses supported by a centralized operations and functional structure.

BRB to be Acquired by Petronas Chemicals Group Bhd

June 3, 2019 Business News
According to PCG, the acquisition enables the company to enhance its competitive position in attractive end-markets such as personal care, construction, paints & coatings, electronics, automotive, and healthcare, particularly in the Asia Pacific region.

Ban on Paints Containing OIT Material Preservatives in Canada Effective May 31, 2019

May 21, 2019 Government Affairs
May 31, 2019 is the effective date for Canada’s ban on octhilinone (OIT) as a material preservative in paint. After that date, finished paints containing OIT preservatives cannot be manufactured and sold in Canada, AND paints manufactured with OIT preservatives in the United States cannot be sold in Canada.