WEG has partnered with Nexa, a producer of zinc, to develop anticorrosive paints with the addition of jarosite, a waste derived from zinc metallurgy. WEG says the solution will focus on carbon steel and cast-iron surfaces, with the capacity expected to provide protective effects, reducing the use of conventional raw materials, and promoting circular economy in the industry.

According to WEG, the initial results of the project and preliminary studies indicate that the paint has a high compatibility with epoxy, alkyd, and acrylic resins, with effective corrosion protection.

“WEG promotes technological partnerships through open innovation to accelerate development and generate innovative solutions, as in this case where the development of a coating that can harness the anticorrosive potential of jarosite, a mineral generated in the zinc beneficiation process, is being studied,” says Rafael Torezan, managing director of WEG Coatings Business Unit.