Art and music are known to be very therapeutic for patients suffering from a range of illnesses. They can also provide an avenue for self-expression and independence for people suffering from various disabilities. The nonprofit organization The Alpha Workshops is the only such group in the United States providing decorative arts education and employment to adults and youth with disabilities and other vulnerabilities through The Alpha Workshops Studio School. The Alpha Workshops Studios is an award-winning professional design and decorative arts atelier staffed exclusively by Alpha Workshops Studio School alumni. Founded in 2001 by executive director Ken Wampler, The Alpha Workshops produces remarkable, hand-made wallpapers in its Manhattan workrooms. “From traditional block printing, to free-hand painting to unique proprietary folding techniques taken from origami, we seek to deliver the highest level of finish while reflecting the presence of the human hand,” Wampler states.

The Alpha Workshops has been using Benjamin Moore as its preferred paint since the organization first introduced its signature wallpaper offerings, according to Wampler. Recently, the two entities announced the launch of a bespoke wallpaper capsule collection developed through collaboration between Benjamin Moore’s color specialists and The Alpha Workshops wallpaper artisans. The special edition of 15 hand-painted wallpapers includes five patterns realized in three lustrous colorways featuring Benjamin Moore premium paints including CENTURY®, Aura®, and Studio Finishes®.

In the Kimono pattern, paints take the form of a radiant graphic floral, imprinted atop a rich, matte background. For the Newport pattern, the paints are used to form delicate grids stamped on the paper in layers to create a geometric masterpiece. For the Topography pattern, paints are slathered onto a stamp and applied in thick, glossy layers for a marbleized effect. In the Spencer and Horizon patterns, paints are lightly brushed onto textured paper that has been folded like origami. For most of the patterns, it takes a full day to create a single roll. If desired, customized color schemes can also be requested.

“The Collection speaks to the basic color groups of primaries and neutrals, but all with a layer of glamour,” said Ellen O’Neill, Benjamin Moore director of Strategic Design Intelligence. “Benjamin Moore premium products coupled with the care and precision by Alpha’s team, create captivating prints in a palette that can be easily mixed and matched.” Adds Wampler: “This ultra-premium collection enhances our longstanding partnership and exudes the highest level of quality while coating walls in an artful, new way.”

Customers looking to order one of the wallpaper patterns in the Benjamin Moore and The Alpha Workshops Capsule Collection can do so at select Benjamin Moore retailers around the world or from The Alpha Workshops website. All wallpapers are made-to-order and cost $125 per yard.