BASF’s Coatings division announced the expansion of e-coat manufacturing facility at its Mangalore site in India. The company says the expansion is driven by the growing demand for e-coat solutions by local automotive OEM customers in India, as well as customers in the South Asian and ASEAN markets, The site has been in operation since 1996, and it is now BASF’s largest production facility in South Asia.

E-coat, also referred to as electrophoretic or cathodic dip coating, safeguards the car body’s surfaces, edges, and cavities from corrosion. It also smooths roughness of pre-treated metal surfaces, creating a better foundation for the subsequent layers of paint to be applied.

As a result of the expansion, BASF will have the capability to manufacture their latest generation of e-coat products, such as CathoGuard 800 RE, for India and beyond.

“India’s automotive market is booming with opportunities. With a mix of international and local car brands, and evolving consumer behaviors, India holds immense potential for BASF,” said Patrick Zhao, Senior Vice President, Global Automotive OEM Coatings, BASF.