The National Association for Chemical Distributors (NACD) has updated its name to Alliance for Chemical Distribution (ACD). According to the association, its new name, logo and tagline, “Empowered Performance. Unrivaled Expertise,” better reflects the diversification underway in the chemical distribution industry.

“Most people don’t realize that our world relies on chemicals every day. They also don’t realize that safely moving the chemicals they rely on is very complex,” said Eric R. Byer, president and CEO of ACD. “Our members are dedicated experts who ensure the raw materials, intermediates, and finished products our world depends on reach their intended destinations safely and efficiently, but they have grown and diversified. With our rebranding to ACD, their industry organization is growing and diversifying with them.”

The rebranding is the first in the association’s history. Founded in 1971, as a means of support for distributors—then, primarily small, family-owned companies —ACD currently partners with more than 400 chemical distribution industry members to provide education, connections, standards and advocacy.