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CoatingsTech is the leading trade publication of the global coatings industry, providing a forum for industry and product news, reports on advances in new materials and technology in practice, and regulatory and legislative updates. Also featured are management and business articles related to coatings and allied industries.

Feature Articles

Editorial submissions are invited in several categories, such as Feature Articles, Formulator’s Corner, and the Analytical Series on Coatings. Authors are also encouraged to refer to the CoatingsTech Editorial Calendar for a schedule of topics to be presented throughout the year.

Peer Review: CoatingsTech is the only peer-reviewed trade publication of the coatings industry and all submitted articles are subject to technical and editorial review. The reviewers will evaluate whether the article offers information that is new and fresh to the industry, is technically accurate, and is not purely promotional or commercial in nature. Authors will receive a consolidated review statement based on the evaluation of the reviewers. Upon acceptance for publication, authors will be requested to submit a final copy of their manuscript incorporating all revisions and figures.

Research articles and technical reviews should be submitted to the Journal of Coatings Technology and Research (JCTR), the companion research journal published by Springer Science+Business Media in cooperation with ACA.

Manuscript Submission: Submit manuscripts via email to the Editor. Each submission should indicate any prior publication or presentation venue, and any possible copyright issues that could affect acceptance for publication.

Title Page and Abstract: On the first page of the manuscript, provide the title of the paper, the name, affiliation, and address for each author. It is also helpful to provide a brief description (no more than 50 words) of what is covered by the manuscript and why this information is relevant to the coatings industry.

Manuscript Length and Format: Although here is no word limitation on feature articles, the preferred length is between 1500-2500 words. Authors are encouraged to submit figures and graphics to support their article and one to two graphics per page can be used as an approximate guideline. Manuscripts should be submitted in a Word file, and any accompanying graphics must be provided as separate jpeg, tif, or eps files, saved at 300 dpi.

Copyright: Once an article is accepted, the author will be sent a CoatingsTech copyright agreement to verify that the information presented in the article is original, and has not been previously published in whole or in part, except as has been indicated upon submission. Any required publication clearance should be obtained by the authors before submission, including permission for use of tables and graphs from copyrighted sources.

Press Releases

CoatingsTech encourages the submission of relevant press releases. Monthly features incorporating the press releases include:

Business & Industry: highlighting the latest information on mergers, acquisitions, company expansions, joint ventures, etc.

People: including new hires, promotions. Photographs are strongly encouraged, and will be used on a first-come, first-served basis.

New Products: featuring the latest raw materials, equipment and coatings related to the coatings and allied industries. Accompanying photographs are also encouraged, but publication is not guaranteed.

Submission: Submit press releases to CoatingsTech at

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