Editor’s note: This column is a roundup of recent product releases from the coatings and allied industries. To submit a product release for consideration, email publications@paint.org. Please note that all submissions are subject to editorial approval and publication is not guaranteed.

Acrylic Latex Enamel for Interior, Exterior Surfaces

Diamond Vogel has introduced Artistry™ Interior/Exterior Acrylic Latex Enamel to their architectural coatings line. Designed for both interior and exterior surfaces, the enamel is a water-based coating solution for doors, trim, and cabinets and is available in satin and semi-gloss sheens. According to the company, Artistry is formulated to deliver a smooth, even finish with excellent gloss, color retention, and cleanability.  The company says the advanced application properties also deliver outstanding flow and leveling, anti-sag, as well as block resistance.

For more information, visit diamondvogel.com/artistry/.

Exterior Paints for Barns, Fences, and Aluminum

Dutch Boy® Paints has introduced two new exterior paints, Barn & Fence and Aluminum. The paints are available exclusively at retailer Menards ®, which has more than 300 stores in 15 states.

Barn & Fence paint is available in both latex and water-based alkyd options and is designed for exterior surfaces including barns, fences, and silos. The company reports both options are  designed to be self-priming, fade-resistant, and offer a mold- and mildew-resistant finish. The latex product is available in a flat sheen, and ready-to-use classic red, white, and black shades, while the water-based alkyd is offered in a semi-gloss finish, and ready-to-use classic red and white colors.

The company says its new Aluminum paint has a heat resistance up to 400° F, self-priming capabilities, and resistance to fading for both residential and commercial applications. It is specially designed for use on properly prepared and primed outdoor surfaces, including sheds, tanks, out-buildings, and metal equipment. The paint meets VOC compliance standards in all areas where Menards® retailers are located.

For more information, visit dutchboy.com.

Cabinet Coatings for Manufacturers

Axalta Building Products, a market segment of Axalta Coating Systems, has launched its new Zenamel™ range of solutions for the cabinet manufacturer market. The range is comprised of two distinct product lines, Zenamel™ SP and Zenamel™ T.

Zenamel SP is engineered to consolidate a conventional three coating finishing system into a single coating. According to the company, the coating offers the filling properties of a primer while also providing the moisture and chemical resistance of an enamel, without the need for a clear coat layer.

Zenamel T is designed for processing efficiency and superior aesthetics. Only one coat of primer and enamel are needed compared to the standard four coats of competing solutions. Optimized to eliminate the need for two separate products for horizontal and vertical applications, Zenamel™ T is designed to save costs and simplify the manufacturing process.

For more information, visit axalta.com.

Biobased Acrylic Copolymer for Wood Finishes

EPS®, Engineered Polymer Solutions, has launched PC-Mull 815, a biobased acrylic copolymer for high-performance furniture and wood finishes, available in the EMEIA markets. According to the company, PC-Mull 815 achieves exceptional transparency, hardness, leveling, and chemical and block resistance. The polymer has a calculated biobased content up to 15% and is comparable to 100% fossil-based products. The bio-based polymer is used as a topcoat and self-sealer resin in high-end interior wood 1K applications and is designed to meet high chemical resistance requirements and provide block resistance, ensuring there is not risk of damage to coated substrates when stacked.

For more information, visit epscca.com.

Fire Protection Coating

Sherwin-Williams Industrial has introduced FIRETEX FX7002, a solvent-based, thin-film tumescent, fire protection coating. As an addition to the Protective & Marine Coatings line, FIRETEX FX7002 is ANSI/UL 263 and CAN/ULC-S101 certified and provides up to two hours of fire protection with the competitive coating thickness required for interior concealed and exposed structural steel substrates. According to the company, it is among the industry’s broadest range of approved beam listings for a solvent-based, acrylic fire protection coating, and its paint-like finish allows architects to design using exposed steel (AESS) for a decorative and aesthetic final appearance.

Learn more at industrial.sherwin-williams.com.