Editor’s note: This column is a roundup of recent product releases from throughout the coatings and allied industries. To submit a product release for consideration, email aelliot@paint.org. Please note that all submissions are subject to editorial approval and publication is not guaranteed.

Solvent-Free Defoamer Based on Polyether Siloxane

BRB International BV, a manufacturer of silicones, lube oil additives, and chemicals, has launched a solvent-free defoamer and deaerator compound, BRB Siloen® DA 291, based on polyether siloxane technology and hydrophobic solids.

According to the company, BRB Siloen® DA 291 is particularly suitable against microfoams in waterborne formulations. The company says that it is also suitable for wood coating, industrial coating, printing inks, and protective coatings.

BRB Siloen® DA 291 is designed to be used specifically in the grind stage and needs to be incorporated under high shear force to ensure a good distribution.

Visit brb-international.com to learn more.

Wetting and Dispersing Additives for Acrylic and PU Lacquers

Clariant has launched a set of wetting and dispersing agents designed to extend the open time of acrylic and polyurethane (PU) lacquers and lengthen post-application correction windows for these water-based systems.

Clariant says that the multifunctional additives have also been tested for their performance regarding blocking resistance, gloss, leveling, and sagging. These open-time extenders include those with the EcoTain® label.

“The switch from solvent to water-based paint systems has made the control of the drying and film-forming process a key property for all paint formulators. Particularly within the decorative and industrial coatings markets, increasing the workability time to fix painting errors on a freshly applied film and avoid permanent visible brush marks can add value to help differentiate a brand’s product for users. We are providing paint manufacturers with pre-assessed, easy-to-compare solutions to support their product development and open-time goals,” said Sebastian Prock, head of marketing industrial applications, BU Care Chemicals, Clariant.

Visit clariant.com for more information.

Adhesion Promoters

Eastman has released Advantis™, a line of adhesion promoters.

The company says these products are designed to limit or remove materials of concern, which may enable more dependable formulation results, improved product sustainability, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

Eastman says that its Advantis products consist of modified polypropylene and polyethylene polymers that can adhere to untreated plastics and other difficult-to-bond-to surfaces. Advantis adhesion promoters are commercially available as solutions, water-based dispersions, and solid resins.

For more information, visit eastman.com.

Performance Sealer for Stone

Edge coatings manufacturer Coval Technologies and natural stone cleaning and restoration company RFSC Worldwide have announced that they will release Coval Stone, a stone surface sealer, in August.

The companies describe Coval Stone as a sacrificial coating that absorbs several types of damage over a long period of time and that it can be easily re-coated after excessive wear. It is designed to resist stains and scratching and stop acid etching on calcium carbonate natural surfaces such as marble, limestone, and travertine.

For more information, go to robertfalzone.com.

Dust Test Kit

Gardco dust test kit

Dust test kit

Paul N. Gardner has released the TQC Dust Test Kit that assesses the quantity and size of dust particles on surfaces prepared for painting.

According to the company, the dust test kit can be used in accordance with the recommendations of BS EN ISO 8502-3 either as a pass/fail test or as a permanent record of the presence of dust.

The test kit is sold in a binder and includes the necessary forms (for ISO8502-3 standard requirements) and visual comparator, as well as a compartment for tape, scissors, and an illuminated magnifier.

For more information, visit gardco.com.