Six innovative technologies from Dow were recognized with R&D 100 awards on November 16, 2018. The R&D 100 Awards, a signature program of R&D Magazine, are designed to identify and celebrate the top 100 revolutionary technologies introduced during the past year.

“I’m very proud of the teams behind these breakthrough innovations, who continue to meet the ever-changing market needs,” said A.N. Sreeram, senior vice president, Research and Development, and chief technology officer for Dow. “Our innovations will continue to position the new Dow to deliver more differentiated products and solutions for our customers, bring value to our shareholders, and address some of the world’s greatest challenges.”

The 2018 R&D 100 award-winning Dow technologies are:

  • AQUACHILL™ Cool Coating AQUACHILL™ Cool Coating is a ComfortScience-enabled, water-based phase change material coating for bedding materials and other cooling applications that maximizes initial and sustained cooling while providing breathability, optimal durability, best-in-class adhesion, and minimal odor.
  • DOWSIL™ SE 9160 AdhesiveDOWSIL™ SE 9160 is a one-part silicone based adhesive with Hybrid curing (UV cure with secondary moisture cure), which provides water- and dust-proof reliability and process-ability for PCB system assemblies. It offers a controlled flow and reparability for optimized dispensing processes and allows consumer device manufactures to save cost.
  • ECOFAST™ Pure Sustainable Textile TreatmentECOFAST™ Pure Sustainable Textile Treatment is a breakthrough technology that enables unique, brighter colors on cotton while reducing water, energy, dye and chemical use in the dyeing process. This patented pretreatment helps to advance a more efficient and sustainable apparel industry by meeting the ZDHC Roadmap to Zero Programme standards and decreasing the need for chemicals by up to 90 percent and water by up to 50 percent. ECOFAST Pure is compatible with reactive, direct and acid dyes and can be applied to knit and woven fabric, denim and garments.
  • ENGAGE™ PV Polyolefin ElastomersAs the global photovoltaic (PV) market continues to grow, material selection can be a critical component in the ongoing success of PV module manufacturers. ENGAGE™ PV Polyolefin Elastomers (POEs) help make the choice for PV encapsulant films easier with opportunities for exceptional long-term performance, reliability, and lower overall energy cost.
  • Tenter Frame Biaxially Orientable Polyethylene ResinTenter Frame Biaxially Oriented Polyethylene (TF-BOPE) film is an innovative and revolutionary addition to the INNATE™ Precision Packaging Resin family. It provides higher mechanical properties and material rigidity, along with better optical and printing performance. Compared to traditional polyethylene (PE) products, TF-BOPE can achieve up to 80% less haze, twice the impact strength, twice the tensile modulus, three times the puncture resistance, and three times the tensile strength.

In addition, VORARAD™ Downhole Radium Sequestration Technology won a special recognition award in the green technology category. Resin-coated sand using breakthrough VORARAD™ downhole radium sequestration technology improves the environmental and safety profile of hydraulic fracturing.

With six awards, Dow again won more than any other company. This year marks seven straight years of Dow products appearing on the R&D 100 list.

Since 1963, the R&D 100 Awards have identified revolutionary technologies newly introduced to the market. The R&D 100 Awards identify and celebrate the top technology products and services of the year. Past winners have included sophisticated testing equipment, innovative new materials, chemistry breakthroughs, biomedical products, consumer items, and renewable energy.

For more information, see this year’s full list of 2018 Dow Winners and Finalists.