2019 Eastern Coatings Show Headlines in Atlantic City

The 2019 Eastern Coatings Show (ECS), scheduled for May 13–15, will be held at Harrah’s Resort in Atlantic City, NJ. ECS is intended to offer educational and technical presentations that create a profound understanding of the theory, science, manufacturing, and marketing of coatings to highlight the improvement of coatings performance and functionality beyond traditional expectations. Reported to be the largest coatings show on the East Coast in 2019, the event will include approximately 150 exhibitors, three concurrent technical tracks, a panel session, and more than 40 presentations.

Additionally, ECS will be offering a short course on the Fundamentals of Coatings in the afternoon of May 13. The course has been developed to provide entry-level coatings chemist with an understanding of the basic principles of coatings use, design, formulation, and manufacture. Fundamentals of ingredients used in coatings manufacture, i.e., polymers, pigments, additives, and solvents will be discussed. Administered by University of Southern Mississippi, the course is designed for technical and non-technical people who would like an introduction to the coatings industry or for anyone looking to understand coatings and raw material technology.

A highlight of the Eastern Coatings Show conference will be the keynote address to be presented by Kevin D. Braun, vice president, Industrial Coatings, Americas of PPG Industries on May 14. Focusing on the theme, “The Future of the Coating Industry: How Current Trends Are Driving Change,” Braun will discuss digital transformation and emerging mobility-related technologies. General topics to be covered include coatings for lightweighting and multi-substrate surfaces incorporating advanced alloys, printed materials, and high-strength composites, such as those that blend aluminum, steel, plastics, magnesium, and fiber-reinforced polymers. New solutions for traditional coatings industry challenges, such as improved corrosion resistance, less energy-intensive curing, better quality control, more efficient production, and expanded aesthetics options (color, gloss, and effects), also will be addressed.

Following the keynote address will be an awards presentation, featuring the Pflaumer Honors for Innovation Awards and the Rick Mazzariello Lifetime Achievement Award. The Pflaumer Awards are sponsored by Pflaumer Brothers, of Ewing, NJ, and recognize the top two technical papers given during the conference.

The conference program will include the following presentations, offered in concurrent tracks.

Tuesday, May 14

2:00 pm

“The Value of Understanding the Confusing Coatings Industry Terminology”—Stuart Lipskin, BYK USA

“Biobased Resins Derived from Soybean Oil”—Lee Walko, Omni Tech

“Novel Polyol Dispersions with Pot-Life Indication”—Tony Neely, BASF

2:30 pm

“Innovative Process Breakthrough Makes Fumed Silica Easy-to-Disperse”—Maria Nargiello, Evonik

“Critical Role APEO-free Surfactants Provide in Water-based Coatings”—Linda Adamson, Solvay

“Improving Cool Colored Roof Coatings Durability and Maintaining High Solar Reflectance with Nepheline Syenite Fillers”—Scott Van Remortal, Sibelco

3:00 pm

“Novel Plasticizers with Improved Toxicology Profiles in Waterborne Sealants”—Christian Allemang, Dow

“Designing the Ultimate Dispersants for Environmentally Friendly Coatings”—Jeff Norris, Lubrizol

“Fast Return to Service: A New Solution for One-Day Floor Systems”—Shiying Zheng, Evonik

3:30 pm

“New Slip Additives for Water and Solvent Based Systems”—Kajal Parekh, Munzing

“Adding Recycled-Content Functional Fillers”—Traves Ogilvie, Poraver

“Oxidizable Phenolic Urethanes—Bio-based OPU”—Sam Morell, Sam Morell Co.

4:00 pm

“Fine-tuning Surface Coating Control Through the Use of Modified Siloxanes”—Michael Peck, Evonik

“Engineered PolySaccharides: A Novel Biomaterial Additive for the Coatings Industry with Multifunctional Properties”—Stephen Raper, ChemQuest

“It’s Just a Hardener—Or is It? New Innovative High-Performance Polyurethane Hardeners for Efficiency, Sustainability, and More”—Mike Jeffries, Covestro

4:30 pm

“Copper-Containing Glass Powder Additive for Antimicrobial Coatings”—Joydeep Lahiri, Corning

“Innovative Curing Agent Epoxy Technology Meets the Need for Low Emission and Moisture Vapor Barrier Property”—Fazel Shafiq, Evonik

“Glassflake—A Novel Additive for Industrial and Heavy Duty Coatings”—Joshua Hayes, Glassflake

Wednesday, May 15

 9:00 am

“Enhanced Corrosion Resistance of Waterborne, VOC-free Coatings with Novel Bipodal Silane Additives”—Jacob Shevrin, Evonik

“Colorants for UV Curable (Opaque and Transparent) Coatings”—Romesh Kumar, Clariant

“Methylene Malonate for High Performance Coatings”—Mengfei Huang, UMass

9:30 am

“Smart Corrosion Inhibitors for Improved Durability”—Chris Barbe, Ceramisphere

“Pigment Interactions in Coatings and Colorants—Physical and Chemical Principles”—Jadel Baptista, Lansco Colors

“Photo-latent Catalyst for Rapid Cure of 2K-PUR Coatings”—Ziniu Yu, BASF

10:00 am

“Low VOC Waterborne Epoxy High Performance DTM Primer”—Yong Zhang, Olin Epoxy

“An Accelerated Weathering Survey of Organic Yellow Pigments”—Jerry Powers, Chromaflo

“Advanced Waterbased Acrylic Technology for the Coatings Industry”—Dana Charron, Interpolymer

11:00 am

“Surface Morphology Effects on Haptics and Visual Qualities of a Coated Substrate”—Ibrahim Eryazici, Dow

“Mimicking High Shear Ink and Coating Application Processes with a Microfluidic Viscometer”—Matt Vanden Eynden, Formulaction

“Waterborne Self-Matting Polyamide-Urethane Technology”—Israel Skoff, Lubrizol

1:30 pm

“Rethinking In-Can Preservation System for Waterbased Paints”—Cecila McGough, Lanxess

“Why the Coatings Industry Needs Easy Dispersable Powder Pigment Preparations”—Dave White, Pan Technology

“EcoFriendly Zero VOC Acrylic Emulsions for Wood Applications”—Paul Stenson, StanChem Polymers

2:00 pm

“Cationic Stain Blocking Primer Technology”—Greg Monaghan, Specialty Polymers

“Innovative Pigment Technology for Fast Adaption to Changing Color Trends”—Rick Ridenour, BASF

“Innovation in UV Stable High Solids Castor Oil Based Polyol”—David Folkman, Alberdingk Boley

2:30 pm

“Combining Fungicide Actives for Long Term Protection in Exterior Paints and Coatings”—Thomas Sames, Lanxess

“An Efficient & Economical Approach for Formulating In-Plant Tinters for Use in Waterborne Paints”—Milind Heble, Patcham USA

“Eco-Friendly High Performance Coatings, Poly-isocyanate Solutions for Sustainable Systems”—Rolf Klucker, Vencorex

3:00 pm

“Development of High-Performance Encapsulation Technologies—Key Considerations for Delivery in Dry Film Coatings”—Kevin Janak, Lonza

“Novel High-Efficiency Production Process for Color Dispersions”—Steffen Pilotek, Buhler

“Novel Epoxy Curing Agents That Enable Faster Return to Service in Factory and Field Applied Epoxy Coatings Systems”—Sudhir Ananthachar, Evonik

General Information

The Eastern Coatings Show is organized by the Eastern Coatings Federation, Inc., a corporation founded by the Philadelphia Society for Coatings Technology, the New England Society for Coatings Technology, and the Metropolitan New York Coatings Association to serve the coatings industry on a broader national basis exceeding their regional orientations.

For complete details on the Eastern Coatings Show, including the full conference program, registration fees, and the short course syllabus, go to http://easterncoatingsshow.com.


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