ACA formed the non-profit organization PaintCare® Inc. to represent manufacturers and implement paint stewardship programs in states that adopt legislation for the management of post-consumer paint.

Paint Council Network
ACA’s 10 Paint Councils are a network of grassroots organizations representing the association in its efforts to promote the interests of the paint and coatings industry at the state level.

World Coatings Council
The World Coatings Council (formerly the International Paint & Printing Ink Council, or IPPIC) was established to ensure that the industry had a forum to fully discuss and coordinate the development of global industry policy on critical international issues facing the paint and coatings industry. The council provides an avenue for information exchange and cooperation on the major issues and priorities facing the paint, coatings and printing ink industries worldwide. ACA serves as Secretariat of the World Coatings Council.

Graffiti Resource Council
The council is a nonprofit corporation devoted to helping cities and municipalities implement practical and effective programs to prevent and eliminate graffiti vandalism without restricting the sale of aerosol paints and coatings to legitimate consumers.

STEM Education Program
ACA’s Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math (STEM) educational outreach program for middle school students introduces coatings science, creates an awareness of what coatings are, and demonstrates coatings applications through a set of teacher resources.

ACA’s Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS®) aids employers in the implementation of an effective hazard communication program. HMIS® offers comprehensive resources covering hazard assessment, hazard communication, and employee training.

Safety Awards
This program recognizes outstanding achievements in plant safety performance and provides valuable data on the safety record of our industry.

ACA’s grassroots program provides a versatile way for industry members to get involved in the legislative and regulatory issues that impact the paint and coatings industry.

The association’s political action committee provides ACA’s membership with an avenue through which it can educate decision makers with regard to important industry issues.

Paint Consumer Research Program
Through ACA’s Paint Consumer Research Program, (PCRP), paint manufacturers and raw material suppliers have an opportunity to benefit from cooperative consumer market research. PCRP allows subscribers to view not only “snapshots” of the market, but also longer term trends.

The American Coatings BOOKSHOP provides technical literature for current and future coatings experts.  Contents range from coatings basics, to formulation expertise,  to special insights into raw materials, application fields, and measuring and testing.