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 Life-Cycle Assessment of Architectural Coatings: A World Without Preservatives

May 2021

By American Coatings Association Life Cycle Assessment Drafting Team

An industry study was conducted to assess the environmental performance of 10 architectural coating preservation scenarios using a Cradle-to-Grave Life-Cycle Assessment (LCA). This article is an update of a study conducted in 2017 and was revised to incorporate improved manufacturing data and consider some additional preservation strategies.

Preservatives themselves play a crucial role in enhancing shelf life, ensuring the product does not spoil before being used, and protecting the dried coating film from biologic growth. The primary goals of the LCA were to determine the environmental impacts and benefits that wet-state and dry-film preservatives play in architectural coating systems and see how reducing, eliminating, or replacing certain preservatives impacted the coating’s overall sustainability profile. Representatives of several major coating, chemical, and trade associations were involved with the creation and completion of this study.

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