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Expanded Poster Session to be Offered at American Coatings CONFERENCE

A  highlight of the upcoming American Coatings Conference, to be held on April 9–11, 2018, will be a newly extended Poster Session. The session will be offered on the first day of the conference from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm, during the AC CONFERENCE Reception. Posters will be on display in the conference area, and poster contributors will be available to discuss their results with interested attendees.  A designated student section will cover current academic research.

The following is a list of accepted and confirmed posters:

p.1—Formulating for a New Era: Using New VOC-Exempt and VOC-Compliant Solvents—Dave Pasin, TBF Environmental Technology

p.2—UV-Curable Green Polyurethane Coatings for High-Performance Applications—Forough Zareanshahraki, Eastern Michigan University

p.3—Low-Temperatures Curing Powder
Coatings System for New Applications
—Cal EzeAgu, Allnex

p.4—Novel Two-Component Non-Isocyanate Polyurethanes for Sustainable Coatings—Hamidreza Asemani, Eastern Michigan University

p.5—Novel Fluorocarbon Resin ZenduraTM C100 Introduction and Application—Jeffrey Han, Honeywell International

p.6—Thermal Barrier Coatings on Paper
Mohammed Mustafees Khan, University of Mississippi

p.7—High-Performance Polyamide Powders for Coating Applications—Biao Liu, Wanhua Chemical Group

p.8—The Stabilization of UV-Curable &
Waterborne Formulations with Novel HALS
—Mervin Wood, BASF Corporation

p.9—Cleaning, Fractionating, and Solvating Lignin for Materials Applications—Junhuan Ding, Clemson University

p.10—Synthesis and Application of Cationic PUD with High-Temperature Resistance—Deng Junying, Wanhua Chemical Group

p.11—Crosslink Density: A Model to Predict Performance of Automotive Clear Coats—Raviteja Kommineni, Eastern Michigan University

p.12—Development of Acrylic-Grafted Hybrid Polyurethane Dispersions—Diana Rodriguez, Eastern Michigan University

p.13—Study on H12MDA Epoxy Curing Agent Modified by Propylene Oxide—Eric Liu, Wanhua Chemical Group

p.14—Waterborne Alkyd Resin — An Approach to Address a Chronic Technical Challenge—Nihal Pandrapragada, Eastern Michigan University

p.15—Self-Dispersing and Stimuli-Responsive Polyurethane Dispersions—Harshit Gupta, Eastern Michigan University

p.16—Synthesis of Bio-Acrylics Monomers and Polymers from Renewable Resources—Parijat Ray, Monash University

p.17—Application of 4-HBA in Waterborne Hydroxy Acrylate Emulsion—Rick Lu, Wanhua Chemical Group

p.18—Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Coating System Using UV-Initiated Click Chemistry—Himanshu Manchanda, Eastern Michigan University

p.19—Waterproofing Low-Slope Roofing Using a Unique Elastomeric System—John Dockery, Trinseo

p.20—Color and Light: Advancements in Curing Colored and Special-Effect Pigments—Sidney Hutter, Sidney Hutter Glass & Light

p.21—Effective Low-VOC Epoxy Solution in Practice: A Case Study from Hypothesis to Practice to Field Study—Christian Piechocki, Olin Epoxy

p.22—Broad Thermal Gradient Testing ISO 2812-5 Based—Nico Frankhuizen, TQC

p.23—Evaluation of Thin-Film Drying Profiles Using Non-Invasive Optical Analysis—Matt Vanden Eynden, Formulaction

p.24—All-Acrylic Binder for Institutional and Commercial Paint Applications—Tyler Bell, EPS

p.25—Low Surfactant Waterborne Acrylics for Concrete Applications—Terri Carson, Alberdingk Boley

p.26—A Novel Family of Coating Additives Based on Engineered Polysaccharides—Stephen Raper, ChemQuest Technology Institute

p.27—Designing New Soy-Based Dispersants for Pigments in Solvent-Based Coatings—Jim Tanner, Ethox Chemicals

p.28—Improved Organic Protective Coatings Via Microencapsulated Healing Agents—Gerald Wilson, Autonomic Materials

p.29—Cardanol-Based Epoxy: Use in UV-Cured Coating with Fire-Retardant Dilutet—Rupanshu Rastogi, Harcourt Butler Technical University

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