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Coatings that Encourage Creativity

Dry erase boards, while often associated with classrooms, find use in many other applications as well. Think of Sheldon of the “Big Bang Theory” in his office or apartment discussing a complex nuclear physics problem with his friends. Many businesses find large, movable dry erase boards useful in conference rooms. They can be found on refrigerators or bedroom walls for tracking responsibilities or those favorite sayings. Businesses are increasingly turning wall and other utilitarian surfaces into whiteboards to facilitate collaboration without loss of functional space.

Dry erase paint, which was developed by Jerry Woolf of Techform Laboratories and patented in 1975 by Pilot Pen, is making that possible. Any surface (i.e., drywall, masonite, wood, cement, metal, etc.) of any shape and size can be transformed into a dry erase “board”. According to Transparency Market Research, the global dry erase paint market is expected to gain traction not only in the education sector, but also in the corporate and corporate learning sectors. “The newness of being allowed to use forbidden surfaces at workplaces or other walls could encourage innovation in the thought processes of employees,” according to the market research firm. Advances in dry erase paint technology include the development of very low- to zero-VOC formulations. Products are now available that range from waterborne do-it-yourself paints to high-performance formulation that require application by professional contractors, such as two-component polyurethanes, waterborne epoxies and ceramic-like, weather- and chemical-resistant epoxies, and single-component moisture-cured urethanes.

Manufacturers of dry erase paints include The Sherwin-Williams Company, Dulux, Idea Paint, Krylon Products Group, and Benjamin Moore, among others. In September 2017, Benjamin Moore introduced its latest product—Benjamin Moore Notable™ Dry Erase Paint, a premium two-component, user-friendly (extended pot life) formula that is easy to erase and will not yellow over time or leave ghosting marks after erasing, according to the company.

Notable is recommended for professional use in interior commercial or residential spaces, such as office buildings, schools and universities, homes, and more. It can be applied to painted walls, wood, glass, metal, and laminate. It is California Department of Public Health (CDPH) v.1 emission certified and qualifies for low-emitting materials credits with the Collaborative for High-Performing Schools (CHPS) and the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)® v4.

“Today’s work spaces have evolved to empower creativity and collaboration more than ever before, and Notable Dry Erase Paint was specifically developed to meet the growing demands of the modern workplace,” said Mary Louise Rubin, Benjamin Moore senior brand manager. “With Notable, facility maintenance professionals and building managers can create more functional environments that enable ideation without compromising existing design elements in the space.”