Coatings Science & Technology Professionals

ACA also offers a special membership category for Coatings Science & Technology Professionals, but these benefits are available to employees of Corporate Member companies at no additional cost. Coatings Science & Technology Professional membership provides an opportunity for individuals working in the industry to benefit from member pricing for educational and training programs, and to have access to science and technology publications and events. This category of membership is offered for industry consultants, employees of non-member companies, and those working in academia.

Benefits of Coatings Science & Technology Professional membership include:

  • Subscription to print and digital versions of CoatingsTech magazine
  • Subscription to Coatings Today bi-monthly e-newsletter
  • Online access to the Journal of Coatings Technology and Research
  • Discount on registration fees for conferences and webinars
  • Discount on publication orders
  • Web access to “members only” technical information

To join ACA as a Coatings Science & Technology Professional member or to renew your existing membership, please click the Coatings Science & Technology Professional Membership Form.

Coatings Science & Technology Professional membership is also available free of charge to university-level coatings technology students. Student membership includes complimentary subscriptions to CoatingsTech magazine, Coatings Today, and the Journal of Coatings Technology and Research. Click here to apply for student membership.

All applications will be reviewed for eligibility. Applicants must allow three business days for processing before utilizing member benefits.