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Types of Coatings

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Industrial Coatings

Coatings applied at the time of manufacture of products are known as industrial coatings. In 2010, 331 million gallons of industrial coatings were sold to customer industries at a value of $5.3 billion.

Architectural Coatings

The largest segment of the paint industry produces architectural coatings — including consumer paints — which make up approximately half of the total coatings produced annually in the United States. In 2010, the industry shipped more than 652 million gallons of architectural coatings, with a value of $8.8 billion.

These products are used to beautify and maintain the surfaces of homes, public buildings, offices and factories. About half are applied by “do-it-yourself” consumers, who recognize that paint is the most versatile, least costly and easiest to use of all home decorating products.

Special Purpose Coatings

This industry segment includes a wide array of divergent coatings. The one unifying characteristic is that these are industrial coatings that tend to be “field-applied,” as opposed to being applied in a factory setting.

Special purpose coatings represent the smallest of the three major classifications of coatings. This segment can be divided into the following major sub-segments:

Automotive refinish coatings is the largest sub-segment, with a value of $2.221 billion in 2010.

Industrial maintenance coatings is the second largest sub-segment, with a value of $817 million in 2010.

Marine paints, including both OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and refinish applications, had a value of $430 million in 2010.

Traffic marking paint, used on roadways, parking lots and airport surfaces, had a value of $365 million in 2010.


Source: U.S. Census Bureau Current Industrial Report MA 325F




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