Latest TSCA

EPA Proposes Additional Substantiation Questions for TSCA Inventory CBI Claims

November 18, 2019 Government Affairs
EPA is proposing two additional questions addressing reverse engineering that companies would be required to answer to substantiate CBI claims for specific chemical identities; and is proposing procedures for companies to use in amending certain previously-submitted substantiations to include responses to the additional questions.

ACA to Comment on EPA’s Priority Chemicals for TSCA Risk Evaluation

June 17, 2019 Government Affairs
Amended TSCA requires EPA conduct risk evaluations of at least 20 chemicals at any given time, from chemicals it has designated as “high priority.” EPA will use the prioritization process to consider data availability, uses of candidates and risk evaluation methods to inform scoping early in the risk evaluation process.

EPA to Propose Revisions to Chemical Data Reporting (CDR) Rule

April 23, 2019 Uncategorized
EPA aims to amend its Chemical Data Reporting rule to update the definition of small entities (small manufacturers), who are exempt from reporting, and add exemptions for specific types of byproducts, to simplify reporting.

EPA Publishes List of 40 Chemicals for Prioritization Review under Amended TSCA

March 25, 2019 Uncategorized
EPA is required to prioritize 20 chemical substances as candidates for designation as High Priority Substances for risk evaluation, and 20 chemical substances as candidates for designation as Low Priority Substances for risk evaluation.

EPA Draft Risk Evaluations Pushed to End of Summer

March 12, 2019 Government Affairs
Under the amended TSCA, EPA must conduct risk evaluations on its initial 10 chemicals, and could impose restrictions on the use of these compounds or bans, in risk mitigation rules EPA will develop after finalizing risk evaluations.

California Bill Proposes to Amend the Safer Consumer Products Program

March 12, 2019 Government Affairs
The bill would require a product manufacturer or chemical manufacturer to provide to DTSC data and information on the ingredients and use of a consumer product, including, but not limited to, specified data and information, including data on ingredient chemical identity, concentration, and functional use.

EPA Releases First Major Update to Chemicals List in 40 Years

February 26, 2019 Government Affairs
A key result of the update is that less than half of the total number of chemicals on the current TSCA Inventory – 47 percent or 40,655 of the 86,228 chemicals – are currently active in commerce.

EPA Publishes SNURS for 66 Chemical Substances

December 4, 2018 Government Affairs
EPA is accepting comments objecting to one or more of these Significant New Use Rules through Dec. 31, 2018.

EPA Withdraws SNURS for 28 Chemicals Published Sept. 17

November 19, 2018 Government Affairs
EPA took this action following receipt of adverse comments and a request to extend the comment period regarding the Significant New Use Rules. 

EPA Begins TSCA Pre-Prioritization Process for Chemical Risk Evaluation

October 9, 2018 Government Affairs
Under the 2016 TSCA amendments, EPA is required to focus on 40 chemicals next year and designate 20 as “high priority.” EPA must designate at least 20 chemical substances as High-Priority for risk evaluation and 20 chemical substances as Low-Priority by December 2019.  That designation means the agency must launch a detailed risk evaluation.