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ACA Issues Guidance for Members on EPA’s Final RMP Rule Amendments

September 10, 2019 Government Affairs
ACA’s guidance focuses on detailed amendments to the following RMP requirements: 1) Prevention Program; 2) Emergency Response Preparedness; and 3) Information Availability.

EPA MACT Residual Risk and Technology Review (RTR) Update  

August 27, 2019 Government Affairs
Earlier this month, EPA released a signed version of the proposed Miscellaneous Coatings Manufacturing (MCM) MACT Residual Risk and Technology Review rulemaking. Notably, in its proposal, EPA determined that the residual risk is acceptable.

EPA Industrial Surface Coating MACT Residual Risk and Technology Review (RTR) Update  

May 21, 2019 Government Affairs
EPA is still reviewing standards for the Auto & Light Duty Truck; Miscellaneous Metal and Plastic Parts; and Paper and Other Web MACT Surface Coating Rules.

Update: Waters of the United States (WOTUS) Rule

April 8, 2019 Industry News
ACA supports EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers’ efforts to effect changes to the rule that will provide continuity and certainty for regulated entities, the States, agency staff, and the public.

EPA Progresses Industrial Surface Coating MACT Residual Risk and Technology Review

January 15, 2019 Government Affairs
EPA is amending its Maximum Achievable Control Technology rules that set Hazard Air Pollutant standards for major source coating application facilities.

EPA Withdraws SNURS for 28 Chemicals Published Sept. 17

November 19, 2018 Government Affairs
EPA took this action following receipt of adverse comments and a request to extend the comment period regarding the Significant New Use Rules. 

EPA Issue Compliance Guidance on RMP Amendments Now in Effect

October 9, 2018 Government Affairs
EPA has issued Compliance Information and Guidance for the Risk Management Plan (RMP) amendments, after a Sept. 21 DC Circuit Court mandate, which made the 2017 RMP amendments immediately effective.

ACA Comments on EPA Proposed Rule: Strengthening Transparency in Regulatory Science

September 12, 2018 Government Affairs
ACA generally supports this proposal and encourages EPA to disclose pivotal regulatory science – the science used to support a significant regulatory action – but offered some suggestion for further clarification and practical enhancement.

EPA and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Seek to Repeal 2015 WOTUS Definition

September 12, 2018 Government Affairs
The 2015-promulgated "Waters of the United States" rule gave the federal government jurisdiction over some of the smallest waterways in the country — including authority over smaller bodies of water EPA doesn’t already regulate.

ACA Submits Comments on EPA’s Proposed Rule to Reconsider the 2017 RMP Final Rule Amendments

August 27, 2018 Government Affairs
EPA officially finalized the RMP amendments on Jan. 13, 2017; however, the effective date of the final RMP amendments was delayed several times, with the last one delaying the amendments until Feb.19, 2019. Since the final RMP amendments have not become effective yet, EPA is now proposing to rollback several provisions of that 2017 RMP rule.