The American Coatings Association (ACA) is pleased to present the Coatings Training Institute (CTI), an online education certification program administered by the British Coatings Federation, widely respected in the global coatings industry. Students from around the world have benefited from CTI’s training curriculum, which offers multi-module levels of education on all subjects germane to coatings.

Study with CTI is great for anyone who needs to know more about coatings technology or is looking for educational professional development: not just those involved directly in coatings formulation and manufacture, but also people across the supply chain, including suppliers to the industry and users of coatings products. Sales personnel, customer service staff, managers at all levels, people working in the lab, quality control, and production staff will all benefit. Because the program is designed on a modular basis — each module takes only about 10 hours to complete — and has 60 modules at four different levels, potential students can pick and choose the modules that best serve their needs. There are no formal entry qualifications. However, there is a natural progression within the module structure for development to more advanced subject areas.

Students may take any number of modules, but to earn CTI’s International Certificate in Coatings Technology, requires the completion of six modules, with at least four from a chosen level of study.* Students work through modules by downloading course work from CTI’s study portal, and completing online assessments, written assignments and final exam.

Notably, all instructions and learning plans are presented at the beginning of the modules. Students may track their personal progress via unique login and web access. All study materials and support are in English.

So, what are the advantages of studying with CTI?

  • Self-study, where and when you want it;
  • Incremental learning at your own pace;
  • Comprehensive support from qualified tutors;
  • Online and written assessments;
  • Demo versions available for download before committing to purchase and enrollment.

To learn more about The Coatings Training Institute, please visit

*Disclaimer:The American Coatings Association, Inc. does not provide certification through the BCF or any other party. No warranty, guarantee, or representation is made by the American Coatings Association, Inc., as to the correctness or sufficiency of any curriculum or certification, and the association assumes no responsibility in connection therewith.