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SSCT Meeting & Conference Set for Charleston in April

The Southern Society for Coatings Technology (SSCT) will host its annual meeting and technology conference on April 14–17, 2019 at the Charleston Marriott, in Charleston, SC. Geared to the theme of “Trottin’ Towards New Horizons,” the meeting will feature short courses, concurrent technical sessions, tabletop displays, and networking opportunities.

On April 15–17, a short course on “Coatings 101: Coatings for Non-Formulators” will be offered. The approximately 10-hour course will provide a basic understanding of the paint and coatings industry and how it operates. Discussions will focus on market and application overviews, raw materials, coating formulating, processing, and application. The course is intended for the employees of companies supplying raw materials or involved in coatings manufacturing, such as sales, office support, quality control, technicians, chemists, operations, and purchasing.

As a continuation of the Coatings 101 short course, the SSCT annual meeting will also feature a “Coatings 102: Coatings for Non-Formulators” short course. Topics to be addressed in the approximately 11-hour program will include an in-depth look into the major raw materials used to formulate coatings and will be presented by experts in the coatings industry. In addition to a discussion of color theory, experts will cover such topics as measurement, effects, pigment dispersion, and color palette considerations.

The two courses will run concurrently with the SSCT annual meeting. Attendance at the meal and social events of the SSCT annual meeting will also be included. A certificate of completion and 1 CEU credit will be awarded after completion of each course.

During the three-day technical program, the following papers are scheduled for presentation:

Monday, April 15

Keynote Lecture: “Advanced Water-based Acrylic Technology for the Coatings Industry”—Dana Charron, Interpolymer Corporation

Session A

“Dispersion Stabilization in Aqueous Coatings: The Latest Developments in Hydrodispersants”—Bill Ruth, Lubrizol

“APEO-Free Surfactant Solutions for the Paint Can: It’s Not as Difficult as You Think!”—Linda Adamson, Solvay

“The Value of Understanding the Confusing Coatings Industry Terminology”—Stuart Lipskin, BYK USA, Inc.

“Wax Additives as Surface Modifiers for Coatings”—Royce Mathews, Munzing North America, LP

“Improving Cool Colored Roof Coatings Durability and Maintaining High Solar Reflectance and Nepheline Syenite Fillers”—Scott Van Remortel, Sibelco North America

Session B

“Foam Control Agents: Advances in Quantifying Efficacy in Wet and Dried Films and Stability of Raw Materials”—Kent Maghacut, Ashland

“Novel Additive for Anti-Corrosive Cool Roof Applications”—Nathan Kofira, ICL Advanced Additives

“Impact of Calcium Carbonate Ore Sources and How They Affect Physical Properties in Paint”—Christopher Graber, Huber Carbonates LLC

“Improving Pigment Dispersion and Paint Stability with Versatile Amino Alcohols”—Richard Henderson, ANGUS Chemical Company

“Dissecting Orange Peel: A Process Oriented Approach”—Mike Bonner, Saint Clair Systems

Monday afternoon—Offsite Outings

Tuesday, April 16

“Cationic Stain Blocking Primer Technology”—Gregory Monaghan, Specialty Polymers, Inc.

“The Use of VCI Inhibitors in Conjunction with or Replacement of Traditional Corrosion Inhibitors”—Rick Shannon, Cortec Corporation

“Maximizing Corrosion Performance by Choosing the Right Dispersant”—Morris Bingham, allnex USA, Inc.

“The Effect of Microfibrillated Cellulose on Rheological and Film Properties of Waterborne Coatings”—Otto Soidinsalo, Borregaard

Topic to be determined—Michael Molnar, Molecular Rebar Design

“Coatings/Sealants for Sub-Floor Moisture Issues”—Raj Hariharan, Mapei Americas

Student Presentation

Tabletop Displays

Tuesday Evening—Reception and Banquet

Wednesday, April 17

“Why the Coatings Industry Needs Easy Dispersible Powder Pigment Preparations”—Dave White, Pan Technology, Inc.

“Unique Cobalt-Free Catalyst for Improved Dry Times and Other Added Benefits in Oxidative-Cured Systems”—Kellie Salerno, Borchers

“Impact of Dispersant Technology on Dispersion Ease and Performance of Aluminum Effect Pigments”— Jon Lawniczak, Eckart America

“New Innovative High-Performance Polyurethane Hardeners”—Mike Jeffries, Covestro, LLC

“Oxidizable Phenolic Urethanes Bio-Based OPU”—Sam Morell, SP Morell and Company

“Coating Performance and Wax Additives”—Sarif Ansari, Keim-Additec Surface, LLC

“Waterborne Self-Matting Polyamid Technology”—Rebecca Gibson, Lubrizol Advanced Materials

“Evaporative Dynamic Oscillation (EDOT) to Probe Drying, Film Formation, and Tg Evolution of Water-based Coating Films”—Ronald Obie, Wood Coatings Research Group

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