Brenntag has acquired the Mexican chemical distributor Quimica Delta. According to Brenntag, Quimica Delta operates several rail terminals and has access to maritime port infrastructure at Altamira – strategically located as a tollgate for chemicals mainly imported from the United States. The company’s access to tollgates through marine terminals and last mile infrastructure complements and expands the Brenntag Essentials’ “triple” strategy and positioning in the chemicals market in Mexico, per Brentagg.

In 2023, Quimica Delta reported annual sales of $368 million.

“Brenntag Essentials is focused on developing our triple business strategy, combining our unique capabilities in the market of a cost-efficient network of last mile service operations with regional sourcing and supply chain services, and interregional optimization,” says Ewout van Jarwaarde, CEO of Brenntag Essentials. “The multimodal last mile operational capabilities and the access to marine terminal capacity of Quimica Delta expand our capability to serve our customers and supply partners in Mexico cost-efficiently and with the highest services levels in the market. Combined, Brenntag and Quimica Delta will be well positioned in one of the world’s fastest-growing markets for chemicals. I look forward to welcoming the team to Brenntag.”