WACKER Expands Technical Center and Opens Laboratory for Cyclodextrins

WACKER has expanded the service portfolio of its technical center in Adrian, Mich., and has established a global laboratory dedicated to developing and commercializing new industrial applications for its cyclodextrin products. According to WACKER, the laboratory enables the company to develop with its customers novel, tailored product solutions and to open new markets for cyclodextrins.

“By enhancing research efforts in the field of cyclodextrin technology, our emphasis will be on developing new and advanced applications in growth markets, such as smart polymers, functional coatings and environmental remediation,” said Jörn Winterfeld, vice president Business Line Agro & Pharma at WACKER BIOSOLUTIONS, the Group’s life sciences and biotechnology division. “With our new lab and our collaborations with leading academics and industrial partners, we are ideally positioned to further explore novel market opportunities for our innovative cyclodextrins.”

WACKER stated that is cooperating with leading scientists to tap the potentials of cyclodextrins, as the plant-based sugar molecules offer a novel and environmentally sound alternative to many traditional materials. Additional projects are exploring the capabilities of cyclodextrin in water or air treatment applications, for instance to filter unwanted odors or pollutants, WACKER added.