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Measure to Repeal Colorado PaintCare Program Law Defeated in Legislature

February 27, 2018 Industry News
ACA and PaintCare strongly opposed the measure and touted the success of the program: since its establishment, the Colorado program has collected more than 1.6 million gallons of unused paint, and recycled or otherwise utilized more than 80 percent of that latex paint.

New York Senate Passes PaintCare® Bill

May 23, 2017 Industry News
Since 2008, Oregon, California, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, Minnesota, Maine, Colorado, and the District of Columbia have enacted the ACA- and industry-conceived platform for the proper and effective management of post-consumer paint.

New York PaintCare® Bill Passed by Senate Environmental Committee

February 28, 2017 Industry News
PaintCare® has had resounding success in the eight states in which program operations have been implemented. To date, the program has collected 16 million gallons of paint.

ACA Testifies in Support of PaintCare® Bills in Maryland and Washington

February 14, 2017 Industry News
PaintCare® undertakes the responsibility for ensuring an environmentally sound and cost-effective program for post-consumer paint management.

PaintCare® Bill Passes New Jersey Assembly Environment and Solid Waste Committee

January 3, 2017 Industry News
A previous PaintCare bill passed the New Jersey Assembly and Senate. Unfortunately, Gov. Chris Christie didn’t sign the legislation, allowing a pocket veto. ACA stands behind its landmark paint stewardship program, and believes New Jersey residents and government will greatly benefit from embracing it in their state.

PaintCare® Launches District of Columbia Program

November 8, 2016 Industry News
California, Connecticut, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia have all enacted laws establishing the PaintCare program.

NAHMMA Recognizes Miller Paint and Steve Dearborn as Outstanding Industry Partners

October 25, 2016 Industry News
Dearborn and Miller Paint have been supporters of ACA’s PaintCare® paint product stewardship program in Oregon and other states, and have championed the program for adoption in Washington State.