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EPA Retracts Ozone Implementation Delay; Legislation Still in Play

August 29, 2017 Industry News
While the new ozone standard was set on Oct, 1, 2015, there remain a host of issues that could undermine compliance efforts by states and localities.

House Passes Bill to Delay Ozone Standards to 2025

August 1, 2017 Industry News
The legislation, which ACA supported, would give the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) an additional eight years to determine which areas of the country do not meet the 70 parts per billion ozone standards set in 2015.

House Appropriations Bill Would Delay Ozone Standards to October 2025

July 18, 2017 Industry News
EPA has acknowledged that although the new ozone standard was set on October 1, 2015, there remains a host of complex issues that could undermine associated compliance efforts by states and localities, and had already delayed compliance by one year, to October 2018.