Sun Chemical Partners With KBA-MetalPrint

Sun Chemical has announced its collaboration with KBA-MetalPrint to deliver printing inks for metal decorating. The partnership will focus predominantly on the three-piece can market, and Sun Chemical will provide inks to KBA-MetalPrint on an ongoing basis.

Working closely with KBA-MetalPrint, Sun Chemical will provide its UV ink series DAICURE 5LM, the conventional ink series SunTrio DAIMETAL, and the SunTrio TOBA series with the MetalStar 3 and Mailänder 280 metal decorating press starter kits, depending on the individual needs of the customer. Sun Chemical will also deliver professional technical support and advice to KBA-MetalPrint customers, the companies reported.

“KBA-MetalPrint is the market leader in metal printing machinery, both in terms of innovation as well as volume. As Sun Chemical also holds a market-leading position and has a similar focus on innovation, we believe that the partnership with KBA-MetalPrint is a great opportunity to benefit from mutual support and to work on joint R&D projects that will result in making the metal packaging industry more competitive and efficient,” said Iñaki Llona, global champion Metal Deco Inks, Sun Chemical. “Both companies have a shared view of updating the technology for printing on metal in line with advances in other market segments, and both have parallel experiences that can be adapted for our industry.”