Sun Chemical Acquires PPG’s Metal Deco Ink Business

Sun Chemical has acquired the Metal Deco ink business of PPG, a U.S.-based global supplier of paints, coatings, and specialty materials. This acquisition reflects Sun Chemical’s strategy to grow by acquiring businesses that complement areas of its existing operations, the company stated. Sun Chemical will reportedly expand both its operational territories and its overall position in the global Metal Deco market.

“With changes in consumer tastes and lifestyles across the world driving increased demand for canned food and beverages, brands are constantly seeking new ways of decorating the metal packaging of their products to differentiate them from the competition,” said Felipe Mellado, chief marketing officer and board member at Sun Chemical. “The acquisition of PPG’s Metal Deco ink business means that Sun Chemical will now be able to offer customers an enhanced range of Metal Deco solutions to help them achieve their marketing goals.”

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