Stahl and OEM NuTech Announce Next Step in Cooperation

Stahl has announced that it is further expanding its activities in Powder Coatings. In 2015, Stahl started with the development of Powder Coatings. Stahl will now take over the R&D facilities of OEM NuTech and will start developing products closer to the main European markets at its Spanish l´Hospitalet facility, the company reported. According to Stahl, this step strengthens the company’s position as technology leader for UV and ULB powder coatings for heat-sensitive substrates, accelerating its speed to market.

Stahl and OEM NuTech have been working together in a joint venture since July 2015. During this cooperation they have reportedly created a unique system for the development of high-quality and eco-friendly powder coatings. “By incorporating the R&D facilities of OEM NuTech into Stahl, we will benefit from the combination of our current innovation power and their know-how and facilities in terms of environmentally friendly powder coatings for interiors and architectural applications,” says Uwe Siebgens, Stahl’s group director for Performance Coatings & Polymers.

All R&D facilities of OEM NuTech, currently located in Perth, Australia, will be transferred to Stahl’s site at l’Hospitalet de Llobregat in Spain, where Stahl will open a new Center of Excellence for Powder Coatings. With the new facility, expected to open in the summer of 2018, Stahl will have eight Centers of Excellence worldwide to work s with partners to develop and test new applications for specific areas and industries.