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ACA is offering special pricing for purchases of the newly updated Industry Market Analysis, 9th Edition (2014-2019) and the IPPIC Global Market Analysis for the Paint & Coatings Industry (2015-2020):






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With purchase, ChemQuest will provide, either in person or by phone, a free day of consulting within the scope of the market analysis study. This can be provided at your location or telephonically. Travel costs are not included.


ACA’s indispensable guide to the coatings industry — the ACA Industry Market Analysis, 9th Edition (2014-2019) — prepared by the ChemQuest Group, includes authoritative figures for value and volume of each coatings segment, and projects growth rates and forecasts for the industry through 2020. This value-added feature is intended to address the absence of the detailed industry figures previously provided by the U.S. Census Bureau’s Current Industrial Reports on the industry, which were discontinued after 2010. ACA’s Market Analysis reflects a high degree of primary research conducted by the ChemQuest team, along with extensive input from a large number of key industry leaders, and will correct many earlier Census-based errors in a variety of market sectors. As a result, it is the most authoritative study on the U.S. paint and coatings industry ever published by ACA.

About the ACA Industry Market Analysis, 9th Edition (2014-2019)

The value-packed ACA Industry Market Analysis, 9th Edition will enable purchasers to:

  • Obtain insightful and in-depth answers to their strategic questions;
  • Validate/scrutinize their value propositions;
  • Substantiate the implications and importance of the topics covered in the special chapters on their organizations’ efforts in those areas; and
  • Better understand the future direction of the industry, technology, and the competitive landscape.

In addition, purchasers who opt for the free day of consulting will be able to meet face-to-face with the experts who conducted the primary research.

This market analysis is the most consistent resource you can use for long-term strategic business planning and short-term critical business decisions.

Users will be able to build on the wealth of statistical analysis and forecasting data in the base study to better plan and refine their business planning.

Pertinent and Comprehensive in Today’s Challenging Business Environment

  • Detailed discussion of 19 market segments, and numerous sub-segments profiled
  • Fully analyzed data incorporating information garnered from primary “real world” interviews with key industry experts on critical purchasing considerations
  • Extensive coverage of supply chain, distribution channels and the impact of trends and issues in major market segments along the chain
  • Detailed insight into the end-user markets and trends, including end-user segments and sub-segments
  • Chapters reviewed by leading coatings industry experts
  • Key economic, trade, technology, regulatory and environmental influences on the demand for coatings by sector
  • Projection of growth rates and forecasts, through 2020, in both U.S. dollars and gallons
  • Convenient and versatile electronic delivery and format

Special and Expanded Chapters

  • New Technology Trends and Market Opportunities
  • Regulatory Influences on the Industry
  • Merger and Acquisition Activity
  • Trends in Raw Materials

Mainstay chapters covering specific industry segments will be replete with relevant data, colorful and comprehensive graphs, and the clearest illustration yet of the relationship between customer production and paint usage. These chapters include:

  • Architectural Coatings
  • OEM Coatings, including:
    • Auto, Light Truck, Van and SUV Finishes
    • Heavy-duty Truck, Bus and Recreational Vehicle Finishes
    • Aerospace Finishes
    • Rail Rolling Stock Coatings
    • Appliance Finishes
    • Wood Furniture, Cabinet and Fixture Finishes
    • Wood and Composition Board Flat Stock Finishes
    • Coil, Sheet, Strip and Extrusion Coatings
    • Machinery and Equipment Finishes
    • Non-wood Furniture, Fixture and Business Equipment Finishes
    • Paper, Paperboard, Film and Foil Coatings
    • Metal Container and Closure Finishes
    • Powder Coatings
  • Special Purpose Coatings, including:
    • Industrial Maintenance Coatings
    • Traffic Marking Paints
    • Automotive Refinish Paints
    • Marine Paints
    • Aerosol Paints


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