PCRP: Paint Consumer Research Program

Consumer Paint Purchase Data

ACA’s Paint Consumer Research Program (PCRP) uses a large pre-recruited consumer panel to gather key quarterly information on the “do-it-yourself” market for architectural coatings (paints, stains, clear finishes, varnishes, etc.). PCRP uses an internet-based methodology operated by a leading consumer research firm, MetrixLab.  
Samples are drawn quarterly from a large, validated sample balanced to Census. Invited participants are screened for paint, stain, etc. purchases during the past quarter upon logging into the survey. 

Benefits of PCRP

Market Research for the U.S. and Canada

The goal of the program is to obtain detailed information from approximately 4,700 U.S. households per quarter (18,800 annually), along with 1,250 Canadian households per quarter (5,000 annually) that purchased paint, stains, varnishes, and other products in the previous quarter. 

Queries on key purchase information

Once a respondent reports a paint purchase, MetrixLab queries him or her on key information, such as the brand purchased, the price paid, the sales outlet where the product was purchased, and whether he purchased it “on sale” or at the “regular” price.

Additional data collected

Respondents are also periodically asked questions such as: 

  • Whether the product was custom tinted at the point of sale, or was “factory-tinted” 
  • The gloss level of the product 
  • The name of the store where the product was purchased 
  • The size of the container 
  • Whether the paint, stain, or other coating product is to be applied by the purchaser or by someone else 
  • Where the paint, stain, or other coating product was applied (i.e., living room) 
  • What other paint related sundries were purchased with the product 
Customize data reports

Once MetrixLab collects, reviews, and compiles this data through the survey, it then makes it available to PCRP members through a secure website. The site contains an Internetbased software tool customized for PCRP that allows members to extract the data and place it into custom reports, for example, charting basic market information, such as the average retail price or brand share, or viewing it based on a particular state or metropolitan area or with a particular demographic emphasis. 

For More Information

Contact ACA’s Ilana Esterrich at 202-719-3703 or iesterrich@paint.org.

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