New PCR for Powder Coatings Will Allow for Verifiable Environmental Product Declarations


A Product Category Rule (PCR) for Powder Coatings is now available for free, and will allow for the publication of verifiable Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs). The PCR for Powder Coatings, conceived and shepherded by ACA, was facilitated by NSF International, a third party developer of public health standards and certification programs.

The final PCR for Powder Coatings may be viewed and downloaded here.

The utility of the PCR for Powder Coatings is timely and considerable, since decision makers are increasingly considering information about the life-cycle impacts of products when selecting products they choose to sell, specify, or use. Retailers, standard-setting bodies, and consumers are requiring information or giving favorable status to products and brands able to describe their life-cycle impacts and benefits.

A PCR provides an agreed upon framework for measuring the environmental impacts of a product based on a defined set of criteria, which allows manufacturers to conduct life-cycle assessments (LCA) of their products in a standardized way, and publish this information in an EPD, if they so choose.

This PCR includes the life cycle phases in order to obtain the raw materials and manufacture powder coating products for interior and exterior applications.

For the purposes of the PCR, the definition of a powder coating is “a 100% solids coating applied as a dry powder which, when baked at a sufficient temperature, melts out to form a continuous film.” Powder coatings can be further classified by two subcategories: single-layer systems; and multiple-layer systems.

Notably, the scope excludes coatings which may be used on similar substrates but are not 100% solids, and does not include coatings that fall under ACA’s PCR for Architectural Coatings.

Contact ACA’s David Darling for more information.

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