Polynt-Reichhold Group Announces Strategic Integration Initiative in the Americas

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Polynt-Reichhold Group has announced its decision to expand the integrated business model it employs in Europe and Asia to its operations in the Americas by investing in local production of Maleic and Phthalic Anhydride intermediates.

“With the successful merger of worldwide composites activities of Polynt and Reichhold, we can now take the next step to strengthen our competitive position in the Americas and will purchase capacity or build Maleic and Phthalic plants with total combined capacity above 100 KT/y, said Rosario Valido, group president and CEO. “This new opportunity allows the Group to leverage our proprietary technologies and deep experience operating intermediates facilities in Europe and Asia. We are well positioned to transfer these strategic capabilities to the Americas to supply the basic raw materials of Maleic and Phthalic to serve our 18 composites manufacturing sites in the region.”

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