Perstorp to Debottleneck Capa™ Caprolactone Derivatives Plants

Perstorp has made progress in future-proofing its Capa™ caprolactone monomer plant in Warrington, UK. The monomer plant will be made more robust to ensure an even more reliable supply for customers around the world, the company stated.

According to Perstorp, this investment will also facilitate debottlenecking to support market growth. The company is building in the capability for the plant to run with a higher capacity, which allows for increased production volumes. In addition, Perstorp stated that it is starting to debottleneck its Capa derivatives production units at Warrington, UK to further support customer demand.

“We continue to see strong confidence and demand in the caprolactone market, and in particular for our range of caprolactone derivatives marketed under the names Capa Thermoplastics and Capa Polyols,” said Stephen Lewis, vice president Business Unit Caprolactones. “In order to provide high quality products and a partnership that strengthens our customers’ businesses, we strive to increase even further the reliability of manufacturing and supply aimed at the market.”