Perstorp Acquires Polialcoli Srl

Perstorp has announced an agreement for the acquisition of Polialcoli Srl from Polioli SpA. The agreement includes the Neo, TMP, and TMPDE as well as the associated Formate businesses located at the Vercelli, Italy site. The transaction also reportedly includes technology, know-how and equipment.

“The transaction is fully in line with Perstorp’s strategy to further strengthen our position in the Polyols market. TMP and Neo are both key products in our Polyol portfolio, which is a core business within Perstorp,” said Perstorp president and CEO Jan Secher. “These product lines have been instrumental in the development of Perstorp as an international company and we are happy to expand our position further to be able to serve a strong demand from the market.”

The transaction is scheduled to close on August 31, 2017 or at such later date as the required procedures have been completed.