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PaintCare® Launches District of Columbia Program


Nov. 1 marked the first day of PaintCare® program operations in the District of Columbia. The paint stewardship program is authorized by the Paint Stewardship Act of 2014, which was approved by the D.C. City Council, and signed by the Mayor Muriel Bowser in December 2014; the law enacted in March 2015 following Congressional review. The law requires paint manufacturers to develop a take-back system for leftover paint from household and commercial consumers.

For the convenience of District of Columbia households and businesses, most PaintCare drop-off sites will be at paint retailers and open year-round; in addition, special paint drop-off events will be held to clean out stored up volumes. PaintCare sites accept all brands of house paint, stain, and varnish, no matter how old they are, during their regular business hours. This will give homeowners and painting professionals alike easy-to-use options to recycle unwanted paint.

PaintCare will hold its first one-day paint collection event in the District on Nov. 19, from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm at RFK Stadium-Armory.

PaintCare, a 501(c)(3) organization created by ACA, undertakes the responsibility for ensuring an environmentally sound and cost-effective program by developing and implementing strategies to reduce the generation of post-consumer architectural paint; promoting the reuse of post-consumer architectural paint; and providing for the collection, transport, and processing of post-consumer architectural paint using the hierarchy of “reduce, reuse, recycle,”. In addition to partnering with local government programs to collect paint, PaintCare establishes retail drop-off locations throughout states with paint stewardship laws, increasing convenience for consumers and relieving local governments of the financial burden of managing leftover paint.

California, Connecticut, Colorado, Maine, Minnesota, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and the District of Columbia have all enacted laws establishing the PaintCare program.

ACA and its industry are committed to finding a viable solution to the issue of post-consumer paint, which is often the number one product, by volume and cost, coming into hazardous household waste programs. PaintCare has had resounding success in the eight states in which program operations have been implemented.

To date, the PaintCare program has been very successful, with more than 1,700 drop-off sites and over 17 million gallons of paint collected. Many state and local governments dealing with leftover paint are interested in bringing the program to their state. One of ACA’s goals is to make this legislation consistent across all states that pass paint stewardship laws, so that program implementation can be nationally coordinated.

Households and businesses in PaintCare states can find the nearest drop-off site at by entering a zip code or city. For additional information about the District of Columbia program, visit

Contact PaintCare’s D.C. Program Manager Ida Arabshahi for more information.