Oskar Nolte Purchases Former BASF Foil Coatings Business from Akzo Nobel

Oskar Nolte GmbH has announced the acquisition of AkzoNobel’s Industrial Foil Coatings business. AkzoNobel bought the Foil Coatings business as part of the acquisition of BASF Coatings Industrial Coatings business.

Nolte stated that it plans to continue operations at the Münster/Germany site and expand its product development capabilities in the medium-term. The company added that it will focus its development on eco-efficient, global solutions for its customers.

Nolte is part of Hamburg-based Peter Möhrle Holding. The family-owned company said that it intends to support organic growth as well as acquisitions of its portfolio companies.

“We are excited to grow our business in a segment which is strongly complementary to our current activities. The foil coatings products have been established for many years at our future customers,” said Arne Deußen, CEO of Oskar Nolte. “Also, the team has a history of innovations and stretching the boundaries of the product offer further. Our focus on large industrial customers will allow us to run the business with a high level of service and flexibility in the future. This should lead to a strong long-term partnership with our customers.”

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