Nouryon Announces New Structure for Growth Strategy

Nouryon has announced an organizational model as part of its strategy to accelerate growth and drive performance improvement. According to the company, the new model, which will take effect Jan. 1, 2020, is organized around three market-focused businesses supported by a centralized operations and functional structure.

Technology Solutions will be led by Johan Landfors, president. Landfors was formerly the managing director, Polymer Chemistry. This segment will focus on products that are an integrated part of customer processes, such as catalysts and additives for the polymer and pulp industries.

Industrial Chemicals will be led by Knut Schwalenberg, who will continue as president. According to Nouryon, Industrial Chemicals builds on the company’s strong salt-chlorine value chain.

Performance Formulations, which includes business lines based on tailored performance that require a high level of customer intimacy, such as those for personal care and agriculture, will name a president at a later date.

Lanny Duvall will continue as chief integrated supply chain officer and will be responsible for leading the Operations organization. The company stated that having centralized Operations will drive efficiency and performance improvement based on strong regional hubs to support the company’s manufacturing base, while the Businesses can focus on customers and unique value propositions.

“This optimized model will allow our Businesses and support organizations to concentrate on what they do best,” said Charlie Shaver, Nouryon CEO. “This model will make us more market-focused and better equipped to meet customers’ needs.”